Five of the World’s Most Remote Bars.

Five of the World’s Most Remote Bars

You might have discovered some great bars while you are on a trip with some bestest of friends or a honeymoon with your spouse, and no doubt, some of them have passed to be written on your ‘favorite bars’ list. But have you ever been to a bar that is in the remote corner of the world? Probably not. That is why we are here today, to present you with five of the world’s most remote bars. So, let’s get started.

Faraday Bar at the Vernadsky Research Base

Marina Point, Galindez Island, Antarctica

This bar is considered one of the remotest and the most southern bar in the world. The bar only has seven seats but never fails to provides its customers with special herbs infused liquor such as beer, vodka, and wine. The rates are around $3 for each of the liquor.

There is so much more to Faraday than just being a bar. During Ukrainian Parliamentary and President races, it is used as an election office. On Saturdays, it is used by polar scientists to take that burden of work off their shoulders.

Five of the World’s Most Remote Bars.

Albatross Bar

Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helena

Located 1800 miles off the coast of Cape Town, this bar needs permission from the local government to be visited. This bar is located in the middle of a picturesque green village, and if you must visit it, you need to book a fishing boat as it requires a six-day journey across the Atlantic Ocean. It offers its customers spirits, refreshing wine, beer as well as a pool table.


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The Birdsville Hotel Bar

Birdsville, Queensland, Australia

This hotel bar is unique because of its famous Hat Wall, where visitors can place their cowboy hats. But not just any visitor passes for hanging his hat on the wall, and he needs to have lived for at least one year in the town of Birdsville. It provides its customers with exotic wines, beers as well as lunch and dinner services.

Five of the World’s Most Remote Bars.

The Irish Pub

The Irish pub is located on Mount Everest, 11,290 feet above sea level, and still won’t make you uncomfortable about the pressure difference. The construction of the Irish Pub matches with many of the buildings of the village of the Namche Bazaar located in Nepal. The pub is not accessible by car yet,  it receives about 55 thousand visitors each year!

Five of the World’s Most Remote Bars.


Liehittäjä, Swedish Lapland

Last but not least, the Huuva Hideaway bar is nestled in the center of a forest about 87 miles north of Lulea, which is the regional capital. The village of Lulea has 19 inhabitants, of which 14 are the owners and operators of the bar and belong to the Huuva family. The bar has no running water or electricity and can accommodate 12 guests. The Huuva family never fails to surprise its guests by providing them with different varieties of mulled wine.

If you have a thirst for adventure, these bars’ location is just what you need to satisfy your curiosity. And the fun part about these bars is that to access them, you may need to hitch-hike through the darkest of jungles and wilderness, ride a yak, or even journey by boat.

Five of the World’s Most Remote Bars.

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