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Galway, Ireland.

Galway City

Galway city is one of the most cultural places in the world. Filled with art, music, great pubs, wonderful people and good craic all around. Known as the epicenter of Galway County, the city is a great place to experience a true Irish town.


Galway city is esteemed in history and rich in culture. The town is also known as “The City of Tribes” due to Richard II giving 14 families across Galway each a claim to the city. These 14 families can be remembered by the roundabout names in Galway or tribe city flags that fly in Eyre Square.

Speaking of Eyre Square, or more officially known as John F. Kennedy park, this spot is jam packed with history dating back to the medieval times. Through the years, Eyre Square has been a meeting point, a place to lay in the sunshine, or the start of the action that the Galway streets have to hold. To really understand Galway and its history, consider meeting up with a tour guide to get the full Galway history, or grab a sandwich from McCambridge’s and a blanket to have a picnic on the grass. Eyre Square is a great way to start your weekend in Galway.

Galway Next up are the pubs.

Galway has so many pubs to sit and have a beer.  However, the best part is:  Galway County is home to around 475 pubs, and much of these pubs can be found in Galway city.

Some of the best pubs are Tig Coili’s on Shop Street where in pre-COVID times, you could find traditional Irish music being played. Today, they are serving take-away cocktails and pints, along with some massive hot dogs. Best of all, they have outdoor seating right on the busiest pedestrian street in Galway.

If you prefer a biergarten, the best in our opinion is An Púcán. The biergarten is colorful, covered in different plants and provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike. You’re bound to find some good people, good food, and good drinks at An Púcán.

On Saturday head to the market

Do not  miss the  Galway  Saturday market. Filled with trinkets, fresh baked goods and produce; it’s also packed with some of the best food trucks, Galway county has to offer – it is a must-do. Meander down the side streets of Galway, and follow the aroma of vegetarian curry, the flavors of falafels, and the soft song-bird voice of the “donut man”. The market is a perfect morning activity. Grab a burger, bag of donuts, or freshly made bagels and head down to the Spanish Arch. Watch the Corrib river flow into the bay, hear the seagulls in the distance, and smell the fresh sea air. Quiet and peaceful, in the mornings and lively with patrons in the afternoon, Spanish Arch is one of Galway’s prized possessions.

Galway has so many pubs to sit and have a beer.  However, the best part. Galway County is home to around 475 pubs, and most these pubs can be found in Galway city.


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