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Go Visit Ireland Again


Many visitors travel to Ireland stay in Dublin, see the sites, drink a few beers, and go.

But there’s more to see if you find time to hire a vehicle and go off the main route. Ireland is ideal for road trips. Honestly. Go! There are fascinating cities and castle remains hidden there away from our eyes.


A beautiful country filled with beauty, history, and pleasure awaits you in Ireland. Nobody actually leaves Ireland sad.

These simple but world-famous Ireland places and things to do may aid you in planning most of your trip while also helping you avoid spending too much money. Let’s start.

  • St. Patrick’s Day Party

Named after Ireland’s guardian saint, the revered Saint Patrick. He supposedly expelled all snakes from the region. Regardless of whether you accept the tale, this is the year’s largest Irish celebration. Dublin has the largest celebration. It’s among the largest global festivals, so book early to avoid disappointment!

ireland castle

  • See old castles

Ireland is a nation rich in heritage and fortresses, some studies estimate as much as 30,000 ruins and castles.  You can’t overlook the decaying remains of Dunluce Castle or the immaculately maintained Cahir Castle in Tipperary. You may arrange a middle age-inspired dinner at Bunratty Castle in Clare or a lodging at the stunningly renovated Ashford Castle in Mayo. If you just have 30 minutes in Dublin, catch the train to Malahide Castle. Acquire the Heritage Card if you intend to explore multiple sites. It’s 40 EUR and gets you into dozens of Irish castles.

  • Blarney Stone

Blarney Castle is near Cork. Visitors come to view the Stone, which is embedded in the building and is composed of Carboniferous limestone. According to an Irish legend, individuals who kissed the blarney stone will get fluency (blarney now means “flattering speech”). Admission is around 18 to 16 EUR depending on if you buy your ticket online or not.

  • Connemara Hike

This 12 square mile (30 square km) park in County Galway offers beautiful vistas and excellent hiking. This park has a few old buildings, an ancient mining site, and a cultural and historical museum. There’s also plenty of wildlife to see, including rabbits, foxes, stoats, hawks, falcons, and herds of Connemara horses, to name a few examples. The event is completely free.

  • Travel to the Arans

These islands, which are located in Galway Bay, are home to just 1,200 people. Irish is the main language spoken here, though a lot may be seen speaking English too. Buses, bicycles, and carriages are available for transportation to cultural places, ruins, fortifications, and scenic views. Tobar Einne and O’Briens Castle, as well as Dun Aengus, a Bronze and Iron Age fort on the shores of Inis Mor, are among the most remarkable attractions here. Inis Mor is the largest and most accessible of the islands. From Galway, take a bus to Rosseveal, where you could well then board the boat. The ship and the bus will together then cost you approximately 13 EUR in total.


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