Going to London. Wondering how Brexit looks today?

London Travel Today – after Brexit

Now, since the United Kingdom has voted to Leave the EU officially, the year 2021 concluded the transitional phase after Brexit. Discover and learn all that you have to understand about the effect of Brexit on your next trip to the island Kingdom. You must stay on top of things!


Does visiting London require a visa?

Some foreigners may need a visa to enter Great Britain. Contact the British Visas and Immigration webpage or explore the nearest UK Consulate or other diplomatic office before planning your trip. The most important thing obviously will be to find out if you in your particular country need a visa to visit the Kingdom now that it’s not a part of EU.

The regulations frequently evolve, so maybe you should ensure that you have the latest details for your tour.

The United Kingdom Visas and Immigration webpage provides details about visiting visas as well as how to file for one.

Visitors or tourists to Britain are only allowed to be there for a short time. If you intend to remain for a longer stay, see visa rules and additional information on the UK Visas and Immigration page.

Would you need a visa for traveling to London from the European Union?

After the vote by the British Parliament and their referendums to exit the EU, EEA residents as well as Swiss nationals can still travel visa-free both towards and from the United Kingdom. This rule will apply till at least 2021.

You will still need to present the proper papers and documentation at the UK border to visit the country.

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What should tourists linked to the United Kingdom or the EU watch for?

In addition to the possible waiting times and improbable visa restrictions, there are several other unknown Brexit closure adjustments that might affect people with links to the European Union or the United Kingdom.

What about the people of America?

An experienced organization of English travel companies, ABTA, said that USA’s largest adjustment to Europe Travel is very minimal: citizens of Non-E.U. countries would now be joined by UK passengers on the passport check line at the airports. Something the British people had previously been able to avoid via facilities like e-gates. If the pre-pandemic conditions return, this shift may lead to lengthier queues at entrance ports at E.U.

UK citizens will be required to show their passports for inspection and this might take a longer time than before Brexit happened, says an ABTA spokesperson. According to him, visitors coming from the U.K. and the EU should notice minimal impact irrespective of their citizenship.


Are the criteria for visas changing?

Experts also say that no significant modifications will be made while entering the UK, that still enables U.S. visitors to enter the Kingdom without a visa for durations of less than 6 months. The EU also allows U.K. nationals to travel without the need for a visa—for the time being.

After around 2022, travelers from other parts of the EU will have to pay a modest charge of around 8 dollars or 7 euros for an ETIAS permit. Like a visa, ETIAS is comparable to the similar long-standing United States Electronic Travel Authorization System (ESTA), something that Europeans themselves are obliged to fulfill for entry into the United States.



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