Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman

Ever been to hell? – Do you know who told you to go to Hell?  Of course,  you do and now you can go and if  you care to – you can send them a post card. Yes, on the Cayman islands is a place called “Hell.”

A tourist delight you can stand in front of the sign for your social media photo. And like I said you can send the postcard to the rude person who told you that.


But that is not all you can do in Cayman, there is much more to explore.


First though, some background: there are actually three islands that make up the Cayman Islands. There is Grand Cayman where you will land from the major airports. From Grand Cayman you can move on to Cayman Brac-   if you wish to dive and snorkel.  The last island is called Little Cayman and that one carries endangered birds and the like look for the Cayman Parrot. All the islands can be visited, but to get to the smaller islands it will be by boat. So, take your seasick meds if you have to.


Where to stay? in Grand Cayman there are all types of hotels to choose from, and we stayed with friends! All the major hotels are there – from Ritz Carlton to  Klimpton and in between.Then we went travelling around the island. Grand Cayman has the seven-mile beach we suspect was less than seven miles. Still, it was a beautiful white beach with lapping water. There are hardly any waves and the waters are so clear. You can spend the entire day on the beach and there are food choices galore. For a quieter time, head to Rum Point Beach bar.


Later we went to see the Stingrays. You have to take a boat ride out to the sandbar. The stingrays are actually tame for the most part. And you can pet them and get close. Get ready for your Instagram photo. There is also a beach area for star fish.

In our group we had the divers who made sure we went to the best dive areas. Did you know there is a place to dive that as undersea statues? Cayman Brac has many by the sculptor named Foots. All sorts of statues greet you underwater.


Our last day was exploring the caves in Cayman Brac- Skull cave, and later we went into town and saw the other caves in Grand Cayman. Crystal Caves have the underground pools. When hurricanes came to the islands, people sheltered in the caves.


As for Hell that is on the West Bay and it on black limestone rocks. There is a post office there to send your postcard.

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  1. I paid a visit to the Grand Canyon as a geographical buff. The place is the product of erosion from the river Colorado. With its layered rock bands, the geological past of millions of years is evident. I love this place and want to visit again.

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