Great Air Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

Have you ever waited at an airport waiting for a flight? Traveling isn’t always pleasant, but most passengers seem agitated.

There is no need to fly often to travel like an expert. Here are some of my favorite tips and techniques for flying.

If you need a COVID-19 testing for your trip, download apps recommended by the airline and submit your information like vaccination, COVID test records etc.


COVID has stalled many terminals severely. Preparing things at homes before leaving for the flight saves time.

Every airline now appears to have its testing and vaccination procedure. Several foreign airlines are adopting the IATA Travel Pass. For instance, American Airlines and United Airlines utilize VeriFLY. These applications let you view the paperwork you require traveling and verify it ahead of time.

Carry some refreshments in case you do not get any chance to eat before your air travel.

Many people miss their flights because they believe they have enough time for lunch. Always carry something simple like a bag of almonds, a protein snack, and a fruit in your backpack just in case.


Please remember that liquids like yogurt must be removed at screening.

Create a flight kit with earphones, decongestants, additional masks, sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes.

A few things like these will make your trip a lot simpler. Carry earphones and a recharging cable to enjoy the jet’s in-flight media (on the back of the seat OR your smartphone)

It’s important to carry things like eye drops and other COVID-relief related things including additional face masks, hand disinfectants, and antibacterial wipes.

Air Travel

How you dress affects how fast you move past security at the airport.

Consider airport security while choosing what to dress. Avoid the belts and heavy jewelry, and go for a coat and boots that can be readily removed. Nobody likes to go past screening walking bare feet, therefore always try to wear socks.

Also, because you’ll be verifying your tickets a million times, dress with something that has pockets for your smartphone and identification.

Carry an empty water bottle to fill up after security.

A small refillable water bottle is essential. Airline atmosphere is arid, so staying moisturized is a challenge. That little water bottle you receive on the plane won’t do. Dehydration may intensify jet lag when you’re traveling abroad.

Be sure to take a bottle of water and keep it all as your personal items, so you may drink enough throughout the trip.


water bottle

Try sitting at the back.

Sounds weird? Well, if you really do not have a favorite seating (or the big legroom ones in the front are all gone), sit at the back. It’ll be louder, yes, but when everybody else scrambles towards the front, then you’re far more likely to wind up with a seat or two vacant. Keep a close eye on your seat chart before your trip to check if there are vacant lines you may occupy at the last moment.

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