Gustavus Alaska

Gustavus Alaska


Anne has been in Alaska for the past few weeks.


Here she is on the boat Taz.


This is the TAZ Whale Watching Boat Tour in Gustavus, Alaska. It is run by Tod and Sara. My two-favorite people in Gustavus.

The Taz is 15 years old and full of wild sea life stories, including humpback whales and orcas.


humpback whales

In the summer, the whales come north to feed and mate.


I’ve been on that tour six times. And I never got over it. It is incredible how every single time I went it was entirely different and full of joy and harmony.

Tod takes you all the way to Chichagof Island and Pleasant Island, almost getting close to Hoonah island. We saw great views, big humpback whales breaching and fluke shows. Including spinning fins and fin waves.


humpback whales




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