Hike Vermont: Best trails

Hike Vermont: Best trails

The Long Path in Vermont is the earliest long range trekking path in the United States. It runs from the state’s northern boundary with Canada to its southern state boundary with Massachusetts and follows the state’s greatest ridgelines the whole way. Day hikers, on the other hand, may enjoy sections of the path and utilize the miles of well-preserved offshoot trails to access any of the more than 40 peaks that are connected by the Long Trail. Utilize our guide to the best walking trails in Vermont to become acquainted with the Green Mountain State’s stunning landscape.

Snake Mountain Trail

Hiking up Snake Mountain, which is situated close to Vergennes, Vermont, is a very easy excursion that rewards hikers with breathtaking panoramas of Lake Champlain, the Adirondack Mountains, and the nearby farming land.

Mt. Mansfield

The tallest peak in Vermont is also one of the state’s most intriguing and gratifying mountains. This is not just because to the expansive views that can be seen from the summit, but also due to the more than two miles of ridge-top hiking that can be done above tree line. This location is one of just two in the state of Vermont that has the very uncommon arctic-alpine tundra. Mount Mansfield is home to uncommon tundra plants that cover an area of 200 acres, in contrast to the much smaller area atop Camel’s Hump. Locations along the lengthy ridgeline of Mount Mansfield are given names based on their profiles when seen from the east. These names include the Adam’s Apple, the Chin (which is the tallest peak at 4,393 feet), the Nose, and the Forehead.


Hike Vermont: Best trails

Camel’s Hump

This mountain is the third highest point in Vermont. This difficult path can be found in the Green Mountain National Forest. It has steep hills and amazing views of almost all of the mountains in the nearby region, including Mount Mansfield towards the northwest and Mount Washington towards the east.

Mt. Pisgah

This path is situated close to Burlington, Vermont, and offers a varied landscape that includes both forested and rocky sections. On your route, you will encounter some challenging inclines, but you will be greeted with stunning panoramas of Burke Mountain, the White Mountains, and Lake Willoughby.


Hike Vermont: Best trails

Mt. Equinox

This trail offers some of the most stunning vistas that can be seen anywhere in the southern Green Mountain area. It finishes with Lookout Rock, that offers vistas that extend over 4 states and include the Vermont Valley.

Bingham Falls

A group of free-flowing waterfalls may be reached at the end of this short and straightforward climb that is situated close to Stowe, Vermont. It is a wonderful trek for both taking pictures and swimming in a few of the cool swimming spots that are located along the path. It is among the most enjoyable and gratifying walks in Vermont that is also quite simple.

Mt. Hunger

This strenuous climb goes in both directions, out and back, and provides magnificent vistas and waterfalls along on the route. It is just a 45-minute drive from Burlington. Mount Hunger is located directly across from Mount Mansfield, that is known for having more hikers on its paths.

Mt. Philo

This track is popular throughout the year since it is located so close to Charlotte, Vermont. This climb offers breathtaking panoramas of the Lake Champlain Valley and the Adirondack Mountains, both of which are visible from inside Mount Philo State Park, which was Vermont’s first state park when it was established in 1924.

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