Historic Jeddah, the Gate to Makkah

Historic Jeddah represents the architectural tradition and construction style of common cities of Saudi Arabia. These styles include the tower houses that are decorated with wooden Roshan.

Saudi Arabia has a particular Muslim association, so historic Jeddah has a massive Muslim population from Asia, Africa, and the middle east. Muslims who resided there are also working to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the city. Moreover, the annual pilgrimage (Hajj) of Muslims makes it unique for them as they have a strict association with it.

Historic Jeddah, the gate of Makkah, is related to the red sea architectural style’s unique development. It preserves the urban fabric and the Makkah gate’s symbolic roles where Muslims reach through the boat from previous centuries.

Historic Jeddah, the gate of Makkah, lies at the Red Sea’s shore.

In the 7th century, historic Jeddah’s establishment was the central part of Indian ocean trade routes. So they bring a variety of items in Makkah through this route. Moreover, this gate serves the Muslims from centuries who have come to perform the religious pilgrimage. Muslims from Asia, Africa, and the western east use this gate to arrive in Makkah.

It consists of tower houses with traditional wooden architecture. The city’s mercantile elites combine the Red Sea coastal core with their craft and development and make it a trade route.

Historic Jeddah or the gate of Makkah is also a living urban environment for residential and commercial activities. Moreover, the landmark Jeddah directly associates with the symbolic intangible level and the architectural levels with the yearly Muslim Pilgrimage (Hajj) of the holy city of Makkah.

Moreover, Jeddah, the landing harbor as the Muslims’ religious pilgrimages, also brings the goods from different cities. These goods come from Asia and Africa and are sold in Saudi Arabia. These goods include the spices, food, and the town’s intangible heritage related to the Hajj. So these goods bring a contribution to the identity of Jeddah. Moreover, these are associated with the nominated property’s urban structure that found the traditional souks run from the east to west from the gate of Makkah.

There is an annual event in the Jeddah historical area. This event aims to highlight the historical and cultural significance of historic Jeddah. In this event, visitors can walk through the old streets of the Makkah gate. It also has many traditional entertainment activities for the visitors in which they can participate and enjoy. This event is a way to elaborate the history of the historic Jeddah, so visitors know the Makkah gate’s actual history. It helps the Muslims to know about the history of their religious places.



Muslims worldwide have particular respect and love for the Historic Jeddah, the gate of Makkah. Many Muslims come to perform their religious pilgrimage from all over the world through his gate. Moreover, this gate is a way to secure Saudi Arabia’s economy as it increases trade for centuries.


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