Ian Fleming and Jamaica


Ian Fleming, Spy Author


Were you looking forward to the new Bond film? Well now we have to wait until the pandemic has slowed down. So, we decided to tell you about the background of the novels.


Did you know about Ian Fleming? He’s one of the most famous novelists who wrote the Bond, James Bond – could not resist. Flemings work is amongst the best sellers, selling over 16 million books to date. His most world-famous secret agent James Bond character has been launched as one of the most successful film franchises globally, initiating the cultural impact of 007.





Now why would we tell you about Ian Fleming in a Travel Blog?

Well, the next time or the first time go to Jamaica then you must go to Golden Eye. That is where Ian Fleming spent his days crafting the novels that grace the screen. This Fleming abode is about 10 miles west from the Norman Manley airport. It is a tribute to his wartime operation participation. Golden Eye is one of the most exclusive resorts on the island.


To quote: Would these books have been born if I had not been living in the gorgeous vacuum of a Jamaican holiday? I doubt it.”



One of the novels, Casino Royale novel, was an instant success laden with the luxurious appeal of a spy fantasy – Ultrafast guards, exotic locales, grandeur meals, fancy and magnificent clothes, fantastic plot, and much more derived from Ian Fleming’s imagination.


In the next 12 years, he wrote more than 11 novels and nine short stories inclusive of iconic titles such as Gold finger, From Russia with Love, and Dr. No. In addition to the Bond books, he wrote “Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang for his son, Caspar.



Ian Fleming’s Jamaica

Fleming spent his winters on his Caribbean getaway for almost two decades.

Ian’s island was his retreat and a hot spot for the rich and famous. Additionally, it was the location for the James Bond film franchise.


Which brings us to the Houseboat where 006 resided before his passing. Read more:






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