Ice Cream Shops in New York City.

Best Ice cream Places in NYC

All year long, we enjoy ice cream in all of its varieties. Ice cream, like music festivals, picnics, and outdoor eating, is a joyous precursor of warmer weather, but we’ll gladly indulge whenever the mood strikes. You cannot be unhappy when enjoying a huge ice cream cone outside on a bright day. If you can’t catch the Mister Softee truck, New York City offers a ton of other possibilities. These are this season’s top conventional, traditionalist, quirky, and classic ice cream flavors.



Ample Hills Creamery

Including its made-from-scratch custard foundation created with fresh dairy and eggs, this always-crowded Brooklyn parlor has multiple locations across the city and has taken on new management. The cereal-infused tastes Breakfast Trash as well as Ooey Gooey Butter Cake are examples of cheeky flavors.



Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

This well-known scoop store, a more than 40-year Chinatown tradition operated by a family, offers uncommon flavors of ice cream including durian, pandan, red bean, and others. Because of how small the area is, consider taking this delicious treat for a stroll across the neighborhood. The Lower East Side branch of Essex Market is run by the same group.


Emack and Bolio’s Ice Cream

Kids are lining up all day long to get their hands on the chain’s bizarre cereal and candy-covered cones, which come in an unlimited variety of flavors, at this little kosher ice cream parlor. Although it may all seem a little excessive, the ice cream itself is a fitting NYC location.






Sugar Hill Creamery

Although it has the name of a well-known, mountainous neighborhood in northwest Harlem, Sugar Hill Creamery is situated close to Mount Morris. It has been serving its imaginatively called ice creams (such “sweet socialism,” which is created with Madagascar chocolate) 7 days per week. Holiday options like Don Cartagena, which combines guava as well as cheese in a nod to East Harlem, are also available.






Sedutto has been providing ice cream and yogurt on the Upper East Side for more than 30 years. Sedutto is an uptown institution. Traditional choices include moose tracks, birthday cake, and vanilla bean, but it’s also well-known for a variety of alcoholic sorbets and wine ice cream. There are also additional treats like malts and floats available.


Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

For the 2022 ice cream season, Nick Morgenstern’s iconic Greenwich Village shop has recently debuted 40 completely new flavors. To try every addition, including the olive oil chocolate eggplant, tahini or even jelly, pineapple seasoned egg yolk, cardamom lemon jam, and toasted rice yuzu swirl, it could require until the autumn, however, anything is doable with small perseverance.

Ice Cream Shops in New York City.


Museum of Ice Cream

Eat as many ice cream delights in 5 various kinds and shapes as you want. Through activities led by our expert guides throughout the day and at night, reconnect with your dear ones. There is no museum in the whole world where you may study ice cream while indulging on a drifting dessert table, descending a three-story slide to retrieve your ice cream, or swimming in a pool covered with countless sprinkles. Everything is feasible here and nowhere else in the world. Prepare to enter a world in which all your craziest ice cream fantasies come true but also where you might find your inner child.

Ice Cream Shops in New York City.
Young salesman putting ice cream ball into the waffle cone with professional tool at the pastry shop



And last but not least: Serenipity3 Ice Cream

On the upper Eastside of Manhattan. 60th Street is the iconic Serendipity 3 ice cream shop.

We are not affiliated in any way, we just like their name! And yes we have been there when we were younger. If you want the Sundae of your childhood, go have it again at Serendipity 3 –


Ice Cream Shops in New York City.



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