If You Have Only “One  Day ” London Museums


If you have only “One  Day ”

London Travel Museum Guide

If you have one day to meander through Londonís museums it will prove to be very enlightening and educational. With perhaps the world’s highest concentration of museums per square mile, the choices are as varied as the tastes of the visitors.

Our one-day guide will provide the most interesting options for a packed itinerary, and for those who want a calmer day, pick and choose what would be best for your energy and speed levels. As everyone knows, London can be expensive; but not right now as the pound is on par with the US Dollar

But did you know some of London’s best museums, like the British Museum, are free of charge?  You must plan your visit via a timed ticket. Some exhibitions cost five pounds – but you are getting a bargain so splurge! The museum has awe-inspiring areas to explore:  The permanent collections are free of admission and if you linger can finish your whole day!



To start, the British Museum is one of the world’s best-known museums, showcasing one of the widest collections of world cultural history. Some highlights are the Rosetta stone; the first known image of Christ; Lindow Man, whose well-preserved 2000-year-old body was found in a bog; and the Reading Room, where Lenin, among others, studied and wrote plans for his Revolution that would affect the whole world.

British museum

And when you are done check out some of the best museums, like the Tower of London,  if bought alone can be quite pricey. The London Pass can be an economical solution, giving free entry to many London attractions for a price .https://londonpass.com/en-us

If You Have Only "One  Day " London Museums
Statue of sir john betjeman at st pancras railway station in london

Tourist-oriented museums, like Madame Tussauds wax museum, are a category in themselves, perfect for the day when the visitor seeks entertaining education rather than analytical thought in a museum visit. \


After this contact with world heritage, promenade over to the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square, where you can see art by Europe’s best painters and sculptors. Nearby is the National Portrait Gallery, concentrating its collection on England’s most famous citizens throughout the centuries.

For a change of taste, follow up with the Tate, London’s best modern art museum, with paintings, photo exhibitions, and installations. If you have time at the end of the day, conclude with the Museum of London, informing its visitors about London. One would hope that the history and culture of the place would be top in your list.

If you want to see where Princess Diana lived start off at Kensington Palace,  her former home and enjoy the museum as well as the grounds and gardens. Next, up is  St. Paul’s Cathedral a stunning architectural achievement, offering stunning views of London from its cupola.


If You Have Only "One  Day " London Museums

The  Globe Theatre will have the bard charm you with his wit as you learn more about him – Shakespeare and his theater. In the afternoon, climb up Tower Bridge and learn about the history and construction of this world-famous bridge. Conclude the afternoon with a tour of the Tower of London, which will glitter your eyes with the Crown Jewels, and turn your stomach with the tortures and mystery surrounding the prisoners of this VIP prison,
If none of these are appealing, venture out to the town of Greenwich :

You will be able to stand at the location where time begins. the nearby town of Greenwich, home of the Prime Meridian, will impress you. There you can visit the Royal Observatory, enjoy the beautiful park at the base of the Observatoryís hill, the National Maritime Museum, the famous Cutty Sark ship, and get a feel for an English village, so close to the metropolis of London.


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