Issaquah Washington

 Issaquah Washington 

On the Eastside there are many nice areas to vast and the historic town of Issaquah is just the right place for you to spend some quality time. First there is  Gilman  village, where you can find all the essence of the old community  of Issaquah. Gilman is a small village, which is made up with more than 40 shops and restaurants, located in this small mountain town of Issaquah.

Gilman village is one of the most distinctive shopping destinations. The designers made this beautiful village by renovating the unwanted, old mining, farming buildings and converted them into shops and restaurants. The designers, thanks to some famous architects made this wonderful shopping center to show respect to the history of the old community of Issaquah. So instead of making a museum you can just spend the day eating drinking and walking in and out the shops, what a grand idea!. Make sure you see the old gas station.


Besides Gilman Village  you can also visit Issaquah for its natural beauty. This authentic experience is to see the mountains that are easy to see in the background. Mount Si for instance can be spotted simply by looking up.his small mountain town has Cougar mountain, Squawk Mountain, Tiger Mountain and beautiful lake Sammamish in its borders. This place also is heaven for the nature lovers and adventurists. You can go on hiking on the trails of the Issaquah Alps, or you can do paragliding or hang gliding from the Tiger Mountain.


The award-winning Salmon days festival is one of its kind.  A truly unique experience. Now that COVID-19 is around the restaurants have days when they bring the table and chairs to the sidewalk. Don’t forget to see the trains in the park and you would have said you have done the best there is to do in Issaquah

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