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Ksan, British Columbia Canada.

Totem word cloud concept

Ksan, British Columbia Canada.
A closeup detail view of a long house in the historic native village of Ksan in northern British Columbia, Canada



If you’re willing to pay a visit to a place which is a natural beauty, has its roots to a magnificent history and is a personification of traditions, then Ksan can be considered. It is a historical village in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Its name comes from the word “Xsan” which means “the River of Mist”. The village is connected to two rivers, the River Skeena and the river Bulkley. It comes in the Gitxsan territory which is the reason for its traditional outlook.


This village was once home for Gitxsan people. Like Eskimos and Red Indians, Gitxsans also belonged to the rural era. They had their unique lifestyle and traditions to follow. One of these traditions was woodcraft. Gitxsan people would decorate their homes and surroundings with woodcraft and totem poles. They would give magnificent shapes and make beautiful sculptures of wood. This tradition has left the village to be a living museum for the tourists and outsiders.


The village has its historic importance as well. It is the traditional representation of the native lifestyle of the six communities of the Gitxsan people in the area. The totem poles were used as the landmark of the village by the Gitxsan people as this place was the center of the transportation system. All the houses are made facing River Skeena as the Gitxsan people maintained communication with the communities at important canyons and junctions on the river. The architecture of the houses is a native artwork.


You can also consider visiting this place if you’re into fishing. As this place is on the inner bank of the two rivers, it is a great fishing site. And if you wish to visit historic places such as museums, Ksan has its museum too. The museum of Ksan includes over 600 artefacts mainly consisting of the materials used by the Gitxsan people in their regular lives. Both ceremonial and utilitarian materials are there which include the bent boxes, ceremonial masks, button blankets, shaman’s regalia, fishing gear, hunting gears, and assorted lithic artefacts.


So, if you’re willing to spend your days in a place which is a traditional beauty and offers natural sites, Ksan is one of the places to keep in mind. You can also get an online tour guide from TripAdvisor which can provide with reviews about the village and help you understand the place better.

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