Lake Chelan, WA



Chelan Wa a  drive from Seattle WA 3hours and about 17 minutes 

 lake chelan

While the town of Chelan has many restaurants worth visiting. But don’t go just for the food or coffee. The easy access to outdoor adventures is  what puts Lake Chelan on the map.

 Numerous hiking and biking trails lead from town to scenic campgrounds. The most sparkling attraction of Chelan comes from the adjoining Lake Chelan, which stretches for 55 miles into the brimming Cascade Mountains, making it the nation’s largest natural lake.

A variety of water activities are available on Lake Chelan, including swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and boat rentals. If you want the best adventure, take the Lady of the Lake ferry across the entire lake to the remote, tourist-friendly town of Stehekin.


Stehekin is a   unique community lay in the North Cascades, only reachable by boat, plane or foot.


It is also the gateway to North Cascades National Park.


Take a bike ride around and see the Orchard –


Go get a pastry:



lake chelan



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