Le Boudoir, Brooklyn New York

Le Boudoir


What does Marie Antionette have to do with a speakeasy bar in Brooklyn New York?

Le Boudoir, Brooklyn New York

Well, mainly the time the subway may have come to life or maybe the style of the restaurant/ bar. Either way, this is a must-visit next time you are in New York City.

Everything about Le Boudoir


In 1844 the Atlantic Avenue railroad tunnel in Brooklyn was built. It was the first subway tunnel is famous worldwide. Unfortunately, the Tunnel had a short life and only functioned for 16 years as an active train pathway. It had some issues and was not used as a station again.

After the Tunnel’s closure, it was closed or abandoned for years. A brave engineer named Bob Diamond rediscovered the Tunnel sometime in 1980. He offered the Tunnel tour through a maintenance hole, but, the city shut him down later in 2010 and sealed the Tunnel.


After 2010 the Tunnel was again abandoned for the public or visitors.

In 2014 Tarek Debria and Patricia Ageheim were working on their Atlantic Avenue Restaurant Chez Moi -they were renovating their spot. Debira comes up with an idea: why not use a hammer through the basement wall? They have the hunch that their property is part of the boarded part of the subway tunnel.

Debira broke through the basement walls and found the hidden chamber. He already had an idea that hitting is hitting something special. Both of them incorporated the space and made a bar now known as the famous “ Le Boudoir”.

The visitors of Chez Moi now have access to the bar by passing through the fake bookshelf inside the restaurant. Once the visitors enter the restaurant, they have a fantastic view with the most greeted rococo style furniture, the Marie Antoinette bust. It has the drink taps with a doorknob from Versailles and an antique-style wooden toilet.

It is the perfect option for visitors who love to snack on crispy frog legs. Moreover, they can enjoy the truffle mushroom croquette and the cocktail variety, including ornate, flavored oolong tea, lime, preferably kaffir, and the smoke, blueberry lavender cordial flavor, bergamot, and many more.

Once you visit the Le Boudoir, you can experience great fun with the underground hideout and more. It is an old place but now becomes awesome fun for every visitor with different fun-loving activities and an aesthetic interior

Better make a reservation as it becomes crowded on weekend nights and special occasions.

Le Boudoir, Brooklyn New York

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