Let’s See Where Outlander was Filmed

Where Outlander was Filmed

Outlander Filming Locations Around the World

Outlander was Filmed

Outlander is one of the hit shows with fantastic shooting locations and an incredible cast. It takes the characters to France through Prague and Scotland and then moves towards the Caribbean. Now outlander members progress towards the Carolinas for the next season’s shooting. All the shooting sets are in Scotland, where they sweep the shots of the Blue Ridge Mountains and show them green on the screen.

The sets of previous seasons were set in the bustling modern-day Edinburgh along with the castle grounds. Moreover, most of Outlander was on private estates. It is also one of the reasons behind the popularity of its seasons.

Now here are some locations where Outlander films the scenes. It was quite something to shoot in such old buildings.

Let's See Where Outlander was Filmed

Undisclosed Estate, Scotland (Fraser’s Ridge)

The team of outlanders never disclose where they set the Fraser’s Ridge Cabin set. The only thing that we can know is confirmation about the private estate. The production and design team does their best to build an incredible set.


Faskally Forest, Scotland (Mohawk Village)

We all know that the cast of Outlander includes 100 first nations actors ranging from Canada to Native America to play the native roles in the first four seasons. It covers the entire Mohawk Forest, including the South of Cairngorms National park. The team spent around one year finding these incredible locations.


Wardpark Studios, Scotland (Wilmington, North Carolina)

It is one of the coldest locations during shooting. The Scotsman didn’t wear the Jackets, but they wanted them in the balmy Wilmington, North California, to keep themselves warm.

Let's See Where Outlander was Filmed

Abercairny Estates, Scotland (River Run)

The designers use the private estate to film the wedding and other events. They build the incredible set ranging from the entrance to the back of the house and give it a perfect look.


Bakehouse Close, Scotland (A. Malcolm’s Print Shop)

The excellent printing shop with an integral setting in season 3 increases the charm of outlanders. The exterior and interior of Bakehouse Close provide a royal look.


The World’s End, Scotland (The World’s End)

The Bakehouse, close to Edinburgh’s royal miles, is one of the ancient locations from the 16th century. The visitors can also look at the set where Outlander season 3 film.


Gosford House, Scotland (Helwater Estate)

The Gosford house served the Outlander shooting for two purposes during the shooting of season 3. The exterior is beneficial for Helwater Estate, and it is the place where Jamie plays the role of groom. The interior is also helpful for shooting different scenes.


Glasgow, Scotland (Boston)

It is a fact that the cast and crew of Outlander didn’t fly across the Atlantic to film season three. But they shoot incredible scenes in Boston.


Strahov Monastery, Prague (Library of Versailles)

It is the library of Prague to film certain scenes. They set the scene in Paris and make the two elaborate libraries in the Strahov Monastery stand.


Radnicke Schody, Prague (Paris)

The incredible scenes have the 127-step staircase in Prague for the bustling streets of Paris. Clarie walks on multiple steps during season two.


Doune Castle, Scotland (Castle Leoch)

It is the old castle building in 1390 that stands in for the fictional home of Clan Mackenzie. It is not the first time the castle has been used to shoot films.


Blackness Castle, Scotland (Fort William)

Another old castle from the 15th century is located of Jamie’s first imprisonment and torture at the hands of Black and Jack Randall.



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