Limoncello Belltown Seattle WA

When we entered the restaurant, a well-groomed and neat hostess was behind the counter. She looked up and immediately greeted us. She also smiled and made good eye contact.


She asked us in a polite manner if we had a reservation, we did not. Not only that, but she told us it was okay and took 2 menus and asked us to follow her. She told us there were special tonight on the risotto and the PAPPARDELLE PESTO e POLLO.


The server mentioned her name, but we did not remember her name. After she led us to the table, she placed the menus in front of us, and she asked us if we wanted still or sparkling water. We ordered one of each.


When we were seated, I saw the table was clean as were the chairs. Under the table had no debris. The menus were clean and were not sticky.  Our silverware was clean and had no spots. I did curl up in the orange-colored sofa and was politely informed to remove my feet. I did so.


After 2 minutes had passed, our server came by again bringing our waters with her. Then she  asked if we wanted something from the bar? We ordered the Fremont Lush IPA $6 and Moscow Mule $12. After about five minutes our drinks were placed in front of us, and they were indeed good.


She asked if we had time to review our menu? We did and told her we would like to have the RISOTTO Allo ZAFFERANO $16 and the PAPPARDELLE PESTO e POLLO. $17 She said those were excellent choices and our meals will be prepared soon.



In the back of the restaurant was the open kitchen, and we saw our meals being prepared. In about ten to eleven minutes our meals were put on a colorful plate and was place in front of us.


We asked for peppers, but that was an additional order, and we passed. We did enjoy our meal without the peppers.


Our food was good, and it was the right temperature. The food was flavorful and it was cooked right. The pasta was fresh as was the sauces. Really good food.


Our server checked with us after we had a few bites and my companion ordered another beer.  When we finished. The hostess bussed our table and asked if we wanted dessert.  We declined and she brought our check.

The cook and our hostess/ waitress thanked us and told us to come again.


Our bill was accurate, we paid, and then we left.


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