Looking for Bigfoot? J/K Go to Oregon

Bigfoot lover’s guide to Oregon

According to folklore, the mysterious monster known as Bigfoot has walked the woods of North America for centuries, much to the pleasure of young and old enthusiasts. Despite being the subject of several books, films, festivals, and unique excursions, Bigfoot is still a mystery.

Visitors to Oregon are aware that Bigfoot is a resident of the Pacific Northwest; there was even a Bigfoot Trap in Southern Oregon, erected by optimistic “trappers” decades earlier, and an Eastern Oregon investigator who has dedicated his life to discovering information to confirm Bigfoot’s existence.

A rising series of activities, excursions, and sites in Oregon celebrate the big man (also known as Sasquatch). Here are a few ideas on how you may channel your search for Bigfoot in Oregon.


Looking for Bigfoot? J/K Go to Oregon

Displayed artifacts

The current North American Bigfoot Center in Boring serves as a meeting place for Squatchy history, lifestyle, studies, relics, and events. The museum, which was founded by Cliff Barackman, a Bigfoot field investigator and co-host of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot,” is a must-see for both devotees and doubters. Examine the displays, which include ancient hand prints, footsteps, and other proof of Bigfoot’s existence. For your own evidence, take a picture with the life-sized duplicate, Murphy.

Watch Bigfoot from the river

Because Bigfoot is renowned for his cunning, and aquatic strategy isn’t a terrible option. The round-trip, full-day Columbia Gorge Bigfoot Adventure Cruise offered by Portland Spirit is a fun way to relax and be engaged while traveling the Columbia River. A tourist guide and specialist Cliff Barackman’s taped commentary amuses with stories of river-based encounters and the beloved guy’s heritage in the Pacific Northwest. Visitors may hear Bigfoot cries and feel gigantic footprint casts while studying the Columbia River Gorge’s beautiful treasures, such as Beacon Rock, Bridge of the Gods, Multnomah Falls, Bonneville Locks, and Dam, and much more.

Off somewhere in the countryside

A trip with Blue Mountain Bigfoot Research is a must-do if you really want to blend a trek across Oregon’s diverse landscapes with a probable Sasquatch encounter. Visitors may join the study team led by Scot and Hannah Violette into the county’s harsh terrain and gain a wealth of information about North America’s most renowned apes. The “Squatching Trips” vary in length from a six-hour outing to a weeklong experience complete with overnight stays. Food and gear are provided by the research group; all you need to bring is your spirit of adventure. Squatching activities are listed on their schedule.

Gaze from the air

Those who don’t want to encounter the large hairy man in person might attempt spying on him from the air. Tourists may take a personalized helicopter trip over the Deschutes National Forest in Bend with Big Mountain Heli Tours. With multiple recorded encounters in the region since 1963, this is arguably one of the finest places for Bigfoot encounters. The world’s first Bigfoot helicopter flight travels an 80-mile/130-kilometer circle above the spectacular Cascade Mountains, providing a bird’s-eye glimpse of the bright-green woods dotted with rivers and snow-capped mountains. The 45-minute observation aircraft, which departs from Bend, can accommodate up to three people.

Rails through the woods

Regarding amazing sights, consider the following: The Eagle Cap Excursion Train travels across northeastern Oregon on tracks, away from the roadways. Starting in Elgin, travelers may relax back and enjoy the scenery as they go through the Wallowa Mountains, often regarded as Oregon’s Swiss Alps, passing past forested mountain peaks, steep basalt cliffs, and the Grande Ronde River. The itineraries concentrate on various topics year-round, but the “Seeking Bigfoot” trip is a must-see. Take your binoculars and relax while taking in the scenery!

A celebration dedicated to believers

In mid-August, the community of Troutdale organizes the annual Oregon Bigfoot Festival, a daylong event including well-known Bigfoot fans and paranormal specialists. Fans assemble to discuss eyewitness reports, claimed footprints, and other evidence pointing to Bigfoot’s presence. Live entertainment, live broadcasts, guest lecturers, and a surprise visit by the big man himself are all part of the festivities (a Bigfoot actor). Brace for wild fun by downloading the Oregon Bigfoot Festival application.


This article is of course, in jest. Enjoy Oregon




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