Maldives Travel Tips

The Maldives Islands are an archipelago country located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India and Sri Lanka, formed by no less than 1,900 islands, all close to each other, surrounded by crystal clear waters.


Also, the archipelago has incredible marine life and a population of around 350,000, most of whom are Muslim, as the country’s official religion is Islam.


Where to stay in the Maldives


The Resort offers accommodations called Villas: Beach Villa, Water Villa, and Ocean Villa. The differences are basically that the Beach Villa is on land, on the island, by the beach, and the other two are not on land, but on the sea, the ocean! The Water Villa is connected to the island through a wooden walkway suspended over the sea, where you can walk, or with one of the innumerable bicycles provided by the Resort, or in one of the golf carts driven by the employees themselves. The Ocean Villa, on the other hand, has no connection with the island, the guest travels to it by means of a speedboat that he requests directly from the hotel, whenever he wishes.

There are 89 accommodations, and the hotel is about 20 minutes by speedboat from the capital Male, which is on the main island. This capital has an international airport, whose exit is in front of the port, where tourists take the boats to one of the hundreds of islands in the country.

People prefer to stay in one of the Water Villa accommodations instead of the Beach Villa because it is not always the opportunity to stay in suites suspended over the sea, so it would be an unforgettable experience, as it was. And people prefer the Water Villa to the Ocean Villas because they chose the freedom to walk the entire suspended walk that connects the Water Villa suites over the sea, which is beautiful.


What to do in the Maldives



For those who stay longer, an option is to visit Male, the country’s capital. And one of the best options is to dive. Well, diving in the Maldives is really an amazing experience! But this adventure is not included in the daily rate of the Resort, it is necessary to pay outside, but it is very worth it!

Although dont dive very deep, if it is your first time, you will see the immensity of the depths. Yes, you will feel a mixture of charm and fear at the same time.


Parasailing in Maldives


Another cool activity was “flying” by Parasailing, those parachutes pulled by a speedboat. The view is unforgettable, you can almost see the whole archipelago, that image of the shallow islands, with crystal clear waters around them, images that you only see in movies or magazines. It’s worth it, and we recommend it, for sure.


Enjoy the Water Villa


The rest of the days, simply enjoy Water Villa look to the Indian Ocean. The visual is impossible to describe in words, just looking at the pictures below. Simply staying in the suite overlooking the sea is already a complete program.

You can take advantage of the fins, the mask, and the snorkel to swim. Also, dive around your suite, and even under it, enjoying the incredible marine life of those waters. Then you go up the stairs back to the floor of your suite and just sunbathe, looking at the infinite ocean.

Later you enter your infinity pool, which every suite has, and continue to contemplate the immensity of the sea. After all this, you lie down on the mattress placed under the cover, and fall asleep feeling the sea breeze. Simply impossible to forget !!


Perhaps spending more days doing this can end up bringing a bit of monotony. So consider the 6 days to stay as the right measure!


At the moment of leaving, you will surely feel a desire to stay longer and come back, as we think this feeling is also important for the unforgettable aspect of the trip.


For meals, the Resort offers traditional restaurant options, in addition to allowing special requests, such as a private barbecue on the sand, a romantic dinner on the beach, among others.


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