Most Scenic Road Trips Around the World

There is nothing like a road trip for travelers as they are fond of exploring every new thing in their way of destinations. Road trips are fascinating, but it is tough to find a safe road to travel with your friends, family, and alone.

There are millions of fascinating roads worldwide, but here we will discuss a few of them.


1) New Zealand’s most scenic highways.

In the southwest corner of New Zealand, there is a zip down the wide-open road. This road is the best dilemma for drivers.

This highly scenic road or highway covers the northern side curves’ and passes through the Ailsa mountain and Milford road. This road ends up in the marine reserves and new Zealand fur seals.

To cover this highway, drivers stop at lake Gunn for a nature loop where the Milford road meets the avenue of disappearing mountains.

New Zealand Highways

2) Get spooked in the Transylvanian Alps

Transylvanian Alps road exits in Romania. It is the most scenic road in the roman that appeals to the tourist. It is the north-south route between the highest peak of Romania’s country. This highway is considered the highest peak road that ranges about the average height is 1500 to 1750 meters. It consists of the Carpathian Mountains section from the east river valley Prahova.

Drivers stop at the Balea waterfall in the middle of the highway, and tourists catch cable cards to visit Balea lake.


3) Historic Columbia River Highway

Colombia is the most attractive country for tourists where many tourists want to go and enjoy the road trip. There is a historic highway that was bypassed by the interstate since 1922.

A route wind above consists of six parks, seven waterfalls, and a view of five mountain peaks above the Columbia River Gorge.

In spring, the highway attracts tourists towards her as it is incredibly picturesque due to the bloom of wildflowers. In winters, waterfall freeze and give an incredible view as well.


4) Brave Bolivia’ Death Road 




Brave Bolivia’s “Death Road” exists in Coroico, and from its name, somebody can estimate the danger of the road. A lane separated from Bolivian highlands from across 65 miles and separate this road from skydivers. La Paz, a town of Corocia, includes 25 miles of the Death Road crosses and named the North Yungas Road.

Recently a bypass was completed for the safe travel through Deah Road.


5) Climb the mountains of Morocco



Morocco’s Atlas Mountain Road has two narrow lanes on both sides used for the test drivers. These narrow lanes have many curves that make it a difficult road. To pass this road 116-mile route takes to clear the landscape and give up this road. Around 6000 feet high from Marrakech through atlas mountain.


6) Drive a narrow mountain tunnel in China


Guoliang village of china makes its own after isolation in 1972 through the Taihang Mountains in the northeastern side of China. They had Heaven leader, which is steep on a mountain trail.

With the continuous six-year effort by 12 men’s by only using hammers and steel drill, hand-made curve access through the mountain becomes successful in making a tunnel. Now the Guoliang Tunnel Road is officially known as the Precipice Long Corridor. It is 19 feet wide and 13 feet high, with rough, open “windows” peeking out over the gorge’s views.




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