Mount Rainier Wa.

Mount Rainier, WA is one of the highest peaks in the Cascade Range, rising to 14,410 feet. This mountain’s beauty has drawn many climbers over the years. Mount Rainier is an active volcano that last erupted, or became active, in 1900. Mount Rainier is considered the most dangerous mountain because its history of eruptions and slides makes it so unstable.

Mount Rainier

The mountain can be seen from Seattle, where it’s called by the Native American name “Mt. Tahoma – a boy’s name “. The mountain sits at the southern end of Puget Sound. Mount Rainier is the most heavily glaciated peak in the contiguous United States. It consists of two volcanic cones named “Mts. Tahoma” and “Ringo”; with Mt. Tahoma being the active volcano.

You can see the mountain from some Canadian cities as well. Vancouver  and Victoria


The Disappointment Cleaver refers to the rock ridge which separates two glaciers. A Pacific Northwest term. 

It covers about 150 square miles. Mount Rainier has over 400 glaciers, many of which are retreating quickly due to climate change.


Many people climb Mount Rainier each year, but there are hazards that they should be aware of. Mount Rainier is very steep, so accidents are common.

Mount Rainier


There is no doubt Mount Rainier, WA is a beautiful and magical place that every person should visit at least once. The views and wildlife can be overwhelming and there is something for everyone.





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