My Visit to Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago

Are you feeling hot, hot, hot?

Ever dreamed of living on or going to an Island? Free from every life hustle! And there is not a single person who will ever deny or back out for a trip to an island. Tell me if you ever hear of one especially during winter.

Here is a brief intro to the dual and most beautiful islands of Caribbean nations nearer to Venezuela. Yes, some of you might have guessed it already; it is no other than Trinidad & Tobago. This place has also got the position of one of the most electric Island in the world. Bet you did not know some of these people are from the islands: Hazel Scott, Nicki Minaj, V.S Naipaul and Stokely Carmichael  To name a few.

As for it features, why this must be in the list of every traveler – read on:
1. Beaches.

Trinidad & Tobago has the dope beaches anyone can ever see in their life. Be it palm trees along and near to the beach birds preying on trees and warm sand. You can even enjoy the scenic beauty of Locals. And of course, no one can afford missing the fun of watching fishermen catching fish on the shore with the fresh catch of the day. Go early as that is when you can see them.

2. Carnival.

Its Carnival can be better termed as the huge celebration on this planet. Their Carnival is celebrated on the Monday and Tuesday officially before Ash Wednesday every year. It starts after Christmas till Ash Wednesday.  It comprises  big parties and cultural events. They will keep you busy with parties they call fêtes You should see the costumes, works of art by the designers. Really, look up Trini Carnival!

The streets filled with revels.

3. Activities.

Starting from the people and culture to its healthy environment, Trinidad and Tobago is the ultimate Caribbean destination for nature seekers. This Island provides vast opportunities for adventurers like birding, biking, hiking, deep-sea diving and exploring caves. Hire a local cab driver. Take a maxi taxi and your drinks as you travel around. The roads are narrow, and they drive on the other side. So if you are not used to driving on the other side, leave the driving to the local drives.

4. Street Food.

No doubt, this place is also popular for its vast variety of street foods. Throughout this place you can easily get Indo-Trinidadian and Tobagonian foods like doubles sold in carts and little shops. In the shops you can find, aloo pie, pholourie, kachori, bara, wrap roti and Indian sweets are also popular, especially around Hindu holidays. To drink there are fresh coconuts sold in the carts. And of course, soft drinks. The most popular street food: doubles



Keep your valuables unattainable. Leave your jewelry home. And exercise the same caution as if you were back home. Lock your car. Don’t walk down dark alleys. Don’t accept sweets from strangers. You know the deal. Stick to well populated areas.

There are various more parameters to describe this beautiful heaven on earth, but words are not enough to do the same. One has to go out there and experience everything what these twin Islands have to give.



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