Mystical and Beautiful Mount Shasta

The Mount Shasta region is one of Northern California’s fastest growing locations for destination vacationing—from luxury resort retreats to wilderness camping. With its central location in the state and abundant amenities, the area offers something for everyone. Visitors to this area may choose from a variety of resort options, with both rustic and posh offerings that boast incredible views of Mount Shasta and the surrounding mountains.


mount shasta

The region encompasses a variety of recreational activities, from hiking and biking to skiing and snowshoeing. In the winter, visitors flock to the ski slopes of Mt. Shasta Ski Park, a family-friendly resort located just 20 minutes from town with a beginner area, intermediate terrain, and a family zone.


You can camp at Shasta and Trinity Lakes.

Mount Shasta straddles the territories of the Shasta, Wintu, Achumawi, Atsugewi and Modoc tribes. Not surprisingly, the imposing mountain shows up in a lot of tribal myths and stories. Ceremonies are still held there.  It’s especially important to the tribes who have lived there for centuries before Europeans began to arrive.

mount shasta

Some legends.


It lures visitors to its sacred spring, . Fables say it holds a sacred spring inhabited by transcendent beings. Legend says it is habitable by being who lived at the time of Atlantis. The Shasta mountain has the Lemurians people.


And the views – Mount Shasta snow capped and beautiful.  Go see this majestic mountain. 14,100 feet in the sky.





mount shasta



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