NYC Best Jazz Music Places

If you are a music lover, you must know that New York City is well known for its music. We also believe that New York City is the world’s jazz capital. Legendary monuments, modern bars, and no-frills restaurants provide a wide range of live jazz throughout the cities.

You can discover all the jazz music precisely what you’re looking for on your night out in New York City. If you are a musician planning a trip to the jazz capital or a music lover seeking to check out some excellent music, New York City can provide you with a collection of their best jazz clubs and festivals across the world.


Village Vanguard

NYC Best Jazz Music Places

Any jazz lover should visit the legendary Village Vanguard in Greenwich Village. From 1957, this downstairs venue hosted exclusive jazz programs, recording many jazz recordings with the jazz legends like Sonny Rollins, Bill Evans, John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, and, most recently, Wynton Marsalis.

At the Vanguard, we also meet the British vibraphonist Nat Steele who intended to hear the jazz music as possible on his New York visit. Of course, a musician’s suggestions for jazz venues are always cherished. He also mentioned that New York’s free jazz guidebook, Greenhouse, a journal and apps, was essential.

Also, a 16-piece Vanguard Jazz Band has become a Monday-night regular since 1966. Seeing a performance here seems like going back in time, owing to the venue’s stringent no cell phone restriction. It’s just you and the music in this room.

Fat Cat 

NYC Best Jazz Music Places

Fat cat is another bar in Greenwich Village that is very renowned for its jazz music.  The venue is a massive underground space with a jazz-only section with religious chair seating. You can also enjoy an outstanding trio performance which includes Steve Ash on piano, Chris Haney on bass, and Pete Van Nostrand on drums.

At the venue of Fat Cat, a gaming session is also included, where you can play pool, ping pong, chess, or bar football in between jazz sessions. The Fat Cat club also includes Spanish, orchestral, and global jazz in their late-night jam sessions, where you can hear up and coming performers.

The Rum House

NYC Best Jazz Music Places

If you are traveling in New York City and don’t visit the rum house, you will regret it. Must go to the Rum House and try their Times Square for a drink. You can easily find the Rum House, right next to the art deco Hotel Edison.

The Rum House has a nightclub vibe and offers live jazz bands weekly and superb drinks and Spanish snacks.

Red Rooster

NYC Best Jazz Music Places

Red Rooster in Midtown has an electrifying environment. The name of this restaurant is a tribute to the legendary Harlem speakeasy that drew locals, jazz superstars, and notable people of the twentieth century such as Nat King Cole and James Baldwin.   Live performers, including jazz musicians and newcomers, play every week of the year. The refreshments are also served between the music sessions.


We hope you will like these jazz music places in New York City if you are a jazz lover. These are some top sites in New York that provide you the perfect vibes of jazz music.


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