Our Quick Trip to Tennessee

We had a Three Days Visit To Tennessee And Sevierville, Tennessee.


When I planned to visit the most famous sites of the state of Tennessee, I had no idea my three days trip would end in a blink of an eye. There was so much beauty and history there that I fell in awe. Here is a short glimpse of my experience of visiting the two places.

Knoxville is the perfect combination of nature, adventure, and artistry. The town has a certain welcoming feel to it. It feels so comfortable and homey. In my one-and-a-half-day trip to Knoxville, I visited three places. The first destination was the Ijams Nature Center. Spread over 315-acre of land, this place was beautiful. It had several trails that made it a perfect place for hiking, biking, and exploration. It was such a sound place and felt so calm. I felt nature at its peak.


The next stop was downtown, to the Tennessee Theater that dates all the way to 1928. In place was magnificent. It had a vintage aura to it, yet I was told it was equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. I love the place and didn’t want to leave it. But unfortunately, we were on a tight schedule. Our last destination of the day was the East Tennessee Historical Society. It’s an amazing place for you if you love history. They have really preserved their history dating back to the times of Native Americans. I single visit wasn’t enough to learn it all. I spend a lot of my time here but then, it was time to go to get some rest and sleep. The next morning, we visited the market square. I strolled through the place with my morning coffee and the small pieces of art they have installed adds to the place. It is like walking in past and present together. It was a great place, but now it was time to move to our next destination i.e. Sevierville.

The main reason I wanted to visit Sevierville was the Great Smoky Mountains, National Park. I have heard so much about it that I wanted to experience it myself. I must say the place is wondrous. It has so many species of exotic plants and animals. It is like we were sitting in the lap of nature. The view of the grand mountains and the trails, everything has amazing. And the best thing is if you like camping, you can spend a night there as well. Since I was on a tight schedule, I had to go back to the city. Anyways, with a heavy heart, I said my goodbyes to the great mountains and moved forward.

My next destination has Floyd Garrett Car Museum. The place holds so many classic cars, a perfect treat for any car enthusiast like me. Lastly, they say you can’t leave Sevierville without shopping, so my nest destination was The Great Smokies,Mountains Flea Market. The 200,00 sq. ft land is covered with shops and food stands. It is a nice experience and a perfect way to spend your evening strolling and getting  in the feel of the town.

But all great things must come to an end. So, with a heavy heart and new hope, my three days tour to the two amazing and historically rich towns plus the Smoky mountain came to an end. These places are great for tourism, so I plan on coming back here soon.

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