Palm Springs Ca. – More to See.

Palm Springs  – Not just the Movie Star town. Here are some ways to enjoy the towns.
The finest activities to do in Palm Springs tend to highlight relaxation, given that it grew into a resort destination in the early twentieth century, with much of Hollywood vacationing here for a fast getaway from L.A. Arid landscapes, golf courses, attractive mid-century holiday houses, and an exceptional restaurant scene entice tourists to the city.

Palm Springs Ca. - More to See.

Aerial Tramway of Palm Springs

As you drive into Palm Springs, take Tramway Road for a few minutes to find this famous canyon-hugging gondola ride. After 10 to 15 minutes a double-digit temperature drop—board a revolving vehicle inside of an angled 1963 station, and you’ll be viewing the whole Coachella Valley beneath. Hike farther into the San Jacinto Mountains or linger at a summit restaurant, café, or lounge.


Desert Zoo & Gardens is a living zoo and gardens in the desert.

This zoo appears just like a living chunk of the Sonoran Desert, as its name suggests. The primarily outdoor location, which is located a few miles outside of Palm Springs, is divided into North American and African habitats. There are a variety of wild cats and hoofed creatures on the grounds, as well as giraffe feedings ($8).

Joshua Tree

Climbable rocks, craggy peaks, and the cherished yuccas are all within an hour’s drive. Overnight campers flock to Joshua Tree National Park, but there’s much to see in a single day, from an easy stroll around Hidden Valley to panoramas from 5,000 feet high at Keys View. If you’re traveling from Palm Springs, use the northwest gate in Joshua Tree; if you’re lodging deeper east in the Coachella Valley, use the southern entry, but be aware that it will place you in a more desert location, further away from the park’s major attractions (for better or worse).
Palm Springs Ca. - More to See.

Botanical Garden of Moorten

This botanical garden, despite its small size, is densely filled with thorny cactus and other desert species. The family-owned garden, which goes back to the 1930s, has over 3,000 desert plant varieties from across the globe, organized by area. If you wish to take several plants back with you, there’s also a nursery—a fairly vibrant keepsake, if we do say so.

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Palm Springs Ca. - More to See.

Palm Springs Ca. - More to See.

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