Red Star Taco Bar – Fremont WA

We went to Fremont — aka center of the Universe, recently. We had not been there in some time and wanted to see the neighborhood. As we passed by Edge of Glass — the glass shop that is so unique.


I saw the door with the Red Star above it. Tacos! We had not had dinner as yet and seeing a taco sign is a good thing.

So, we went in straight away. Once you are in the door, you will see a full bar to your left-hand side and booths to the right. You have to wait to be seated. Our wait was not long, at all. There were staff members who saw us and acknowledged us as well.

The waiter/ bar tender came over and led us  to a booth. You have to step up. We were told to scan the QR code for the menu. They do have a varied menu and yes, they have vegan options!

Of course, I went for the Vegan option — I had tofu with a flour tortilla. My dining companion decided on honey Shrimp taco and fish tacos which came with rice and beans about $11.50 In addition, he and I shared the chips and salsa — $3. And the Cheese Quesadilla, called Gringa — $5.00. the food when it arrived was hot in temperature and flavorful.


I had to have that drink when we were in Cancun, so I asked the server if the bartender could make it? She told us they did not have the type of salt to rim the glass, but they could try. When the drink arrived – wow. The bartender had made it just like they did in Cancun. A mixture of Mescal and Jalapeño. It is  something – spicy and sweet at the same time.

Note to self and you dear reader. Don’t have spicy foods and then drink that unless you can handle heat.

There was nothing left on our plates when we were done… The food was delicious. Flavorful and a good variety to choose from Go, you will enjoy their menu and the service was superb.


513 N 36th St

Seattle, WA 98103

We were there at around 7 pm on a Sunday.


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