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Redmond, Washington

When you hear the word/ name Redmond, do you think of Microsoft? Yes, that is where Microsoft has its headquarters. But Redmond is a City on to its own. Redmond is full of history, heritage and culture — did you know? Redmond had been home for the Native Americans for over 10000 years.


Culture and natural beauty are easy to find in Redmond, a great place to visit.

Must see include : Marymoor Park — a huge park 640 acres and you can take your dog to the off leash area.

Dudley CarterHaida House Studio, is a Haida house built by the artist Carter. It showcased fine wood craftsmanship. Then there is Conrad Olson Farmstead a reminder of Redmond’s farming days. See too Justice White House,- The Justice who  opened Hotel Redmond again a reminder of the past. So too is Lodge Hall which has a real trap door. The building is a fine example of commercial architecture.


Odd Fellows Hall a gathering place is now a pub. It is fine example of a wood frame building. Last on the list is the Redmond Pioneer Cemetery.


If you fancy seeing the water then head over to Lake Sammamish. . There are various trails for hiking, or cycling on the trails of The East Lake Sammamish Trail. There is also the Sammamish River Trail, Puget Power trail and the Burke-Gilman Trail.


Evans Creeks Preserve will offer you the soothing green landscape of the wildflower meadows inside the city. Be aware there are also some wild animals and birds in here. There have been sightings of  black bears, deer, beavers, hawks, and so much more.

Lastly For the tech-people, The Microsoft Visitor Center is here. Hungry?  Food choices include pub food, Italian and Indian. There is even an English pub. Food choices abound. Thirsty, there are breweries for a pint.

Next time you think of Redmond, you will know these other fine places too!

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