Regrade Park, Seattle WA

Seattle WA  not only takes care of its people but also their pet dogs. Regrade Off-Leash Park is one of the few specially designed parks for dogs. In a city full of people, it is not appreciated letting pet dogs wander around the city without a leash. Therefore, the city provides the dogs an off-leash experience.  The  place where they can have all the fun they wish to be Regrade Park.

It was Seattle’s first in city Dog Park. Before it was a kiddie park, and then it was known by colorful and not so nice names such as Needle Park and Crack Park.

A group of citizens formed COLA and contacted Parks and Recreation to turn the park into an off leash area. Thus, Regrade Park came to be.

The park is located in the center of Belltown, Seattle. It includes a vast area for dogs to run around and play off-leash along with a few swings and a play area.


This is the Denny Family Graves  – they are the original founders of Denny  Regrade.



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