Road Trip Through Hudson Valley Part. 1 Spook Rock.

Road Trip Through Hudson Valley Part. 1   Rock.


Road Trip!

Head east from Hudson, following the signs for 23B. Turn right onto Spook Rock Road after approximately 1.5 miles. In about 1 mile, stop at the pull-off on Claverack Creek, where you’ll see the Spook Rock historical marker.


The name Spook Rock is given to a large boulder in Claverack Creek. The origins of the name are unknown, but the people of the area have been telling tales and legends about it for generations. It is said that some feel chills run down their spine when they approach it.



This heavenly area on the Claverack Creek is said to be the final resting spot of two ill-fated lovers. As the story goes, a beautiful Mahican maid fell in love with a young man from an opposing tribe who was pursuing her.


The Author Ruth A. Stickles, in her book Folklore of Columbia County, interprets another version: “One fateful night, under the cover of a violent storm, the Mohawk made his way to the overhanging rock, which was the lovers’ place of rendezvous.

The rock gave way just as the maid ran to her lover’s arms. As lightning flashed and thunder roared, both were swept off the mountain with the rock, which went crashing down the hill. As the boulder came to rest in the stream below, they were buried beneath its ponderous weight.

When white settlers came, each time they rang a church bell to mark the death of one of their people, it was said that the rock turned over, releasing the lovers for a shadow of a moment in the old world of their happiness. Then Spook Rock rolled back to entomb them again, together for all eternity.”

Some have claimed to hear the maiden’s cries or see her wandering this stretch of road in search of her love.


The area is indeed very beautiful and worthy of a road trip. Let us know if you feel the lovers nearby.


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