Take a Trip To Saint Lucia

The island of Saint Lucia, shaped like an almond, is considered the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. Perhaps no other island can boast of such a magnificent virgin nature. Its volcanic origin has made Saint Lucia a real Mecca for elite eco-tourism. The tropical jungle will open up an exciting world of exotic flora and fauna.

Mountain landscapes are a special pride of the island. The highest point is Mount Gimie. But, perhaps, the most picturesque are two ancient dormant volcanoes, Gros Piton and Petit Piton. Healing waters, sulfur springs and pools of boiling water are a real gift from extinct volcanoes. Many people come to Saint Lucia to recuperate and recharge.

There are wellness centers in the hotels, where local beauticians use miraculous natural mud in combination with baths and massage.

Diving enthusiasts will enjoy an amazing journey through the underwater jungle and acquaintance with the outlandish fauna.

The climate is tropical monsoon. The average temperature throughout the year is 27 ° C, it can fluctuate by no more than 2-3 ° C. The rainiest month is August.

The island is located in the eastern part of the Caribbean and belongs to the group of the Lesser Antilles (Windward Islands). Total area – 616.3 sq. km. The second largest of the Windward Islands The highest point is Mount Gimie.

Holidays in Saint Lucia

Take a Trip To Saint Lucia

Island of Saint Lucia, beach vacation, vacation on the coast.

A piece of sushi in the shape of an almond, or a mango fruit, or an avocado, and to someone it resembles a teardrop – the Caribbean island of Santa Lucia lurks between Martinique and Saint Vincent.

Saint Lucia attracts tourists with its nature – even the most demanding and sophisticated eye will be delighted by the evergreen tropical jungle, winding mountain range, sunny beaches, streams of rivers merging into waterfalls. The air is filled with the aromas of fruit plantations – bananas (just imagine 12 varieties!), Coconuts, mangoes, cocoa, oranges, grapes, and an intertwining string of island cuisine spiced – and seafood.

How do you like the mixture of cultures and traditions on such a small island? Superb golf, cricket, dignified hotel butler – in English, art – in French, addiction to rum, beer, reggae, calypso, noisy parties, carnivals, street markets – in the Caribbean!

Take a Trip To Saint Lucia

Recreation and Sports in Saint Lucia. Rich inhabitants of the underwater world attract divers, underwater fishing, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea – windsurfers, surfers, sailors, and lovers of walks in boats, and the volcano Soufriere, St. Lucia symbol – the twin peaks of the Pitons.

Take a Trip To Saint Lucia

Wellness holiday in Saint Lucia. The island is rich in healing mineral and sulfur springs, pools with boiling water – in most hotels, you will be happy to help you recuperate and recharge by accepting the gifts of extinct volcanoes.

Take a Trip To Saint Lucia

Excursions to Saint Lucia. It is impossible not to visit Castries, the capital of the island of Saint Lucia, to visit the picturesque wooden buildings, the 19th century cathedral, the stone church of the Holy Trinity. On Dude Island, you will be shown an old British fort, considered a historical monument.

Take a Trip To Saint Lucia

Features of hotels in Saint Lucia. Most of the luxury hotels offer the “ultra all-inclusive” system, where you will find not only a fabulous elite service, but also your favorite entertainment: beach volleyball, shuffleboard, croquet, billiards / pool, giant chess, basketball, rock climbing, table tennis, circuit, darts, cards, 24-hour tennis on lighted tennis courts under the guidance of instructors, bocci ball, squash, aqua aerobics, racketball, any fitness program.






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