Salt Lake City, Utah.

Color toned picture of Salt Lake City downtown, Utah, USA.

Salt Lake City

If you hail from the eastern parts of the US, you will immediately realize there is a world of difference between Salt Lake City and a city like New York City. This capital city of Utah is a laid-back city and it enjoys sunny weather for five days in the week. The city has a host of theaters and restaurants and there are mountains surrounding the city as well.


Outdoor fun

If you love the outdoors life, then be sure to visit Salt Lake City. It sits in the mountains at a height of about 4300 feet and has access to tons of adventure including skiing and hiking. In addition, there are many opportunities for you to enjoy your biking or climbing and camping. It is also great for boating and golf.


Many things to do indoors

There are also tons of things to do in the indoors including enjoying a concert at a venue hosting up to 20000 fans. There are plenty of restaurants in the city, and you can sample food from all around the world at these restaurants.

Salt Lake City also lies very close to the Great Salt Lake, and it does in fact get its name from this lake. The city spans an area of about 110. 4 square miles and has an elevation of about 4300 feet above sea level.


Salt water body

The Great Salt Lake is the largest salt water body in the Western Hemisphere. It is like the Dead Sea in that it exists in arid environs and the chemical properties of the lake are very like those you find in oceans. It is also the largest surviving lake of prehistoric freshwater Lake Bonneville.


About Mormon influence

Salt Lake City continues to thrive mainly because of the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter-day Mormons. The Mormons are directly connected with the founding of the city in 1847 and the physical layout of the city is based on their influence. The first Mormon to arrive in Salt Lake City was a young member of the Church of Jesus Christ called Brigham Young. The Mormons travelled west to escape religious percipience. Upon reaching Salt Lake City, they found it to be remote as well as wild. This is exactly the kind of place they were looking for and hence they settled here. The rest is history.

Early morning in Salt Lake City Downtown

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