Some Hiking Essentials

When you decide to go on your hike, use our guide to have a safe hike and a safe trip. Have fun and be safe.

Some Hiking Essentials
Green trees and rocks in the forest

The first thing to pack? A map. Yes, and old fashion map of where you will be going. This is useful as you do not need the power to read. Consider too a compass and a magnifying glass to see the area better. If you think you will be out later, carry and wear a headlamp – hands-free!  And a whistle to call attention.


Your clothing should be in layers to discard what does not work. Remember that what you will not use has to fit in your backpack. A rain jacket can double as a windbreaker and a sweater or flannel will work under it as well. Try to have clothes with pockets That way you can carry things using the backpack.

Don’t forget your sun hat, SPF lip block, and hair ties.


In your backpack, you should have toilet paper and a trowel this is for when you must go. Bring a couple of trash bags so you can carry this back. And don’t forget the hand sanitizer!


Water is essential on hikes. And if you are in warm weather, you may need to double this You should carry at least 0.5L (16.9 ounces) of water for every hour of hiking. Stainless steel cups and bottles though durable, have weight, and you should consider plastic or foldable cups. You can find them at REI

Some like the bladder for ease of use


Must haves

Bug spray! Some socks have a treatment for mosquitos. Either way, you will want something to keep from getting bitten.


Trail mix with dried fruit and nuts, an apple with almond butter, and a good energy bar that is not sugar or salt-heavy.




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