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Some Lunch Spots for When You really Want a Midday Meal

Some Lunch Spots for When You really Want. Midday Meal


Matts in the Market.


This is an iconic Seattle Institution. With a great view and good hearty food, a tad on the pricey side. BUT  you can satisfy your appetite with their breakfast or lunch. But when you go linger for a bit and explore the market too. Catfish sandwich,18  devilled eggs, 12 and falafel 19.



The Pink Door


Another Seattle Institution

The Pink Door is the Pike Place Market, and the food is authentic Italian.

Find it by going through an unmarked Pink Door. Be prepared to be entertained while you dine:  trapeze, cabaret, music and tarot.

Try the salads, the lasagna, and the fettuna. Why have regular garlic bread?





Is another place that has been in Seattle for a while.


Lebanese food with a twist for today’s appetite. Yes, you can get all the traditional foods. The meats are rubbed in spices and the rice dishes. Then there is the smoky baba ghanoush and thick labneh with lots of minted oil. There are many dips as well as fresh pita bread. Vegan food at its finest!  You may have to pay for parking.


Paseos – A must-try for out of towners

Paseos has been around foreva!

Well, from the 1990s and they had the best Cuban sandwiches. Today there are two locations and they still serve the sandwiches with a Caribbean feel. Local Bread maker Macarina supplies the bread.

Some Lunch Spots for When You really Want a Midday Meal

by Lan Hue Banh Mi.


The ideal banh mi satisfies many criteria: the bread must be toasted on the outside while remaining soft on the inside; the vegetables must have a tangy bite without being overly acidic; the house marinade must be delicious without being overpowering, and the stuffing must comprise the ideal percentage of the sandwich. All of these criteria may be met.



Mean Sandwich


New on the Block

Mean Sandwich in Ballard


Mean’s sandwiches are old-school deli classics that you remember. But they have been redone with a twist. The Corned Beef sandwich comes with mint and maple syrup. The Italian chicken cutlet has a relish of provolone lettuce, tomato, and pickled pepper.  Everything at Mean’s is made from scratch. And they have bread pudding for dessert!


Some Lunch Spots for When You really Want a Midday Meal





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