Some of the Best Places to Get A Sandwich in Seattle

Some of the best sandwich spots in Seattle

Comforting, quick, and delicious! These Seattle shops always provide the perfect sandwich. To find the most fantastic sandwich shops in Seattle, we researched several blogs, magazines, and websites dedicated to the culinary arts. Delicious BLTs, cheesesteaks, and banh mi may be found at the restaurants on this list.


Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Despite the lack of seating, this Pike Place Market wonder is a must-see due to its glassed-in glimpses of cheese producers in action. Beecher’s mac & cheese may get all the attention; however, the grilled cheese sliders are true MVPs. The tomato premier soup is, naturally, prepared with Beecher’s famed landmark cheese and goes well with both the classic taste combinations, such as smoked turkey, and the more adventurous kimchi melt.


Cheese Meats Bread

This little corner shop in Uwajimaya, Chinatown-International District, may seem like it’s catering to youngsters, but owner Kevin Chung, who also runs 8oz. Burger and Company understand how to elevate the humble toasted cheese sandwich. Consider Seoul, which combines kimchi and thin slices of fatty pulled pork with a combination of Beecher’s white cheese, buffalo mozzarella, plus fontina. There’s even better news: a condiment station stocked with fiery condiments.

Harried and Hungry


Their location in Georgetown and the fact they have vegan options gives them an entry in here. They have box lunches, and you can take it to go. Gluten-free items are available too.

HoneyHole Sandwiches

The majority of sandwiches may be enjoyed at either breakfast or lunch. A meal at HoneyHole may cause you to reevaluate your whole lifestyle since their sandwiches are so excellent. The website takes you to the Capitol Hill Location.


Lan Hue Banh Mi

The ideal banh mi satisfies many criteria: the bread must be toasted on the outside while remaining soft on the inside; the vegetables must have a tangy bite without being overly acidic; the house marinade must be delicious without being overpowering, and the stuffing must comprise the ideal percentage of the sandwich. All of these criteria may be met by Lan Hue Banh Mi.


Some of the Best Places to Get A Sandwich in Seattle
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Layers Sandwich Co. – Food Truck

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When it comes to food trucks, you can’t pass over Layers Sandwich Co. Sandwiches like “Precocious Piggy,” “Splish Splash beef in a bath,” and “I’d Date a Jalapeo” show that the sandwich masters aren’t too snobby to have some fun with the titles of their creations.



Have you experienced shokupan, a fluffy and spongy Japanese bread used to make Japanese sandwiches (sando)? You may get anything from spicy pork tonkatsu sandos to delicious strawberry and cream cheese sandos at Sandwich House TRES, the sandwich cafe in Bellevue. If you cannot visit Bellevue, don’t worry; a sampling of their most popular items may be found in the deli or cold snack area in Uwajimaya. Sandwiches of popular types often sell out quickly, so don’t be late.

Some of the Best Places to Get A Sandwich in Seattle
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Valhalla Sandwiches

If you eat one of these sandwiches, you will think you’ve died and gone to Viking paradise. We have nothing but praise for Valhalla, what with their perfectly warmed buns and delicious vegetarian selections.



The Swinery

This modest eatery, which describes itself as a “small family-owned meat store,” is among our favorite places to get a sandwich in the town. Plenty for everybody except vegetarians, with fifteen different sandwich selections and eight different sauces.



Using his family’s traditions and skills as a butcher in Tuscany, former Boeing engineer Armandino Batali opened a little salumeria in Pioneer Square. As time went on, the intrepid deli became a Seattle landmark. After his daughter, Gina, liquidated the bulk of the company in 2017, Salumi relocated to more extensive, brighter digs nearby. There are processed meat sandwiches and a selection of heated sandwiches, including everything from deliciously monstrous porchetta to Leonetta’s meatballs. There are also some seats and tables, albeit not enough, and certain conveniences, such as to-go sarnies and 4-packed sliced meat.



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