Some Travel Tips from James Bond.

Readers of this blog will know we were friends with 006. Tim Moxon was the first agent then came Bond.

You can read more about “Timmy”on our blog.

Perhaps you have watched the latest Bond movie? The one showcasing Daniel Craig as Her Majesty’s favorite super spy for the final time – thought you knew that…

james bond

We thought it would be fun to illustrate some unusual travel tips we’ve managed to check up from all the Bond movies since 006/007

Pack light

But bring a decent suit with you – What can you say – bathing outfit (tick) and nightwear (tick).

Learn a language

Communicating with natives in their native tongue is always beneficial. They strongly value you putting in the work.

In ‘The World Is Not Enough,’ Bond goes disguised as a Russian academic and says:

“Your English is really excellent for a Russian,” says Dr. Christmas Jones (in Russian).

“I went to Oxford,” James Bond says (in English).

Take the train if you can.

Clearly conscious of his environmental impact (as we all should be), rail travel is an option which countless folks overlook. Mister Bond has taken numerous train rides, along with a stunning fight sequence atop one in Skyfall, but the criminal mastermind with incredible dental work (Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me) and the crafty old girlfriend (Vespa Lynd in Casino Royale) are ones to be seen as well.


Choose exotic locations.

Travel to exotic locations such as tropical islands, desolate islands, salt pans, diving, and, of course, Moonraker.

Moonraker stars Sir Roger Moore as James Bond. Jamaica is the usual haunt for Mr. Bond.


james bond

Use the latest gadgets

A nice gadget is something that everyone enjoys. Although not everyone has direct exposure with their own Q branch, there are a few useful travel optional extras available for the ordinary person, such as the often-overlooked spork. Consider investing in noise-canceling headphones as well as a universal power adapter. Get a phone bank to supercharge your phone.


Due to expenditure constraints, the Spork could be Bond’s new go-to weapon?


james bond



So in order to celebrate Daniel Craig’s last James Bond movie, we decided that watching the latest edition immediately following a round of darts with drinking best friends would be a great way to celebrate the film

And here is to your martini. Shaken and not stirred!

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