Squeeze it all in one Bag.


Tips for traveling with one bag.


When purchasing an airline ticket, depending on the type of fare, the baggage included lately is only one bag! This applies to both domestic and flights, depending on the airline, but check if you don’t believe this.


Carry heavy coats and travel with jackets, blouse.


Everyone needs a jacket or a cold sweater during the flight. Only here is there significant space savings in the bag.

Opt for a wild card that matches everything! Example: denim or leather jacket / cold-weather blouse in black, gray, or white colors. Use your imagination to come up with a new wardrobe. Think capsule wardrobe.

Now, if you’re going to get low temperatures, : take the heavy coat or trench coat in your hands. This item occupies half of the luggage and, arriving at the destination, you can protect yourself from the cold without having to open the suitcase and remove the piece. You can ball it up – think Marie Kondo style. Fold and fold until it is tiny.


Put it in overhead or even under the seat in front of you.


Save on shoes.


After heavy jackets, shoes are in the ranking of villains in the bag, since they take up a lot of space. One more tip is tennis shoes, as it can be one of your best friends during the trip.

Tennis shoes can be made to match all types of outfits. This goes for men and women.  For women, it can be a comfortable shoe that are flat can be better to travel and go from evening today.

Organize your shoes in cloth bags or other materials available in your home. This will protect them, as well as keep them out of contact with other clothes.


Choose your clothes wisely.


You are likely to travel in leggings or jeans, which are usually black or blue. This can be your base wear.

Really, a pair of sneakers can work wonders.  After all, most tourist trips consist of walks and exploration. And you know the goal is  getting to know a thousand places in  a day.

The jacket and the sweater  will also be with you on the flight (the plane is chilly, especially on a long trip), in addition to the heavier coat, which you will take in hand.

Only then, you will already have essential pieces to assemble various combinations, in addition to a pajama option. Consider yoga shorts and a tee shirt. Both will do double duty, and  you can always clean, and  you can reuse.



For summer travel.


Opt for 2 options of shorts/shorts, from 3 to 4 light shirts/blouses (folded into a roll shape), and 2 dresses that can even be a long option. Mix and match. Leggings and tunics. Use online guides for capsule wardrobes.

If you go to the beach, take a maximum of 2 post-sea trips. One of them may be a sarong. Also, take 1 to 2 bikinis or swimming shorts.


For mid-season trips.


Take an option of a  blouse, linen, very light, in a different color than the one you chose for the flight.

Choose one more type of pants, also different from the one chosen for the plane trip. If you are wearing jeans, avoid taking another piece of this type. Pack an item of another fabric and color.

For women, skirts and dresses go well with different leggings and overlays. Choose 3 of these items, merging as follows: 2 dresses + 1 skirt or vice versa.

Finally, choose from four to five blouses to wear under the coldest pieces. Mostly opt for t-shirts, which are basic and go well with everything, in addition to taking up less space.


For cold travel


Separate pants and a thermal blouse, also called second skin. These items are great and cannot be missing in winter, being used before any other clothing piece. Also, they are also easy to wash and dry quickly.

For pants, dresses, and skirts, the same goes for the mid-season purse tip, and thermal pants can also be used alone (with sneakers or boots – especially for women). Here, it is also worth choosing 3 to 5 blouses to use over the thermal part. To complement, select two cold blouses, they can be lighter coats that will receive the heavy coat on top (the one that you took in hands on the flight).

So to recap.

Jeans, leggings, scarves, flat shoes. Yoga pants and T’s.  Shirts and Jackets. Fine bigger scarves can do double duty as sarongs.


Jeans and sneakers. Toms shoes? T-shirts and shirts. Trunks and Sweaters. Pullovers.

one bag

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