St. Augustine Florida – Oldest Area in Florida

Things to do in St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine is on Florida’s “forgotten coast,” the area of the panhandle and big bend into the peninsula. As such, it has some really great beaches without some of the high rise buildings and strip malls that mar other coastal beaches.

The St. John’s River flows through the area and offers some of the attractions that tourists want to see. This includes a scenic river cruise. In fact, several of the things to do in St. Augustine involve the water with a myriad of cruises available.

Aside from the beaches, there is a dolphin encounter available. This allows people to get close to and even hug a dolphin. Many claim that this is a soothing experience and that the dolphins enjoy it.

There is a lot of history seen in and around St. Augustine. Sites include the oldest wooden schoolhouse still standing, several museums that show art and daily life in the colonial period and at least one old church.

For those who are inclined, there is a hop on/hop off tram tour of the city. Guests can stay on for the whole ride or they can get off at various stops to sightsee, shop or enjoy the many dining and beverage locations in the city.

There is also a pour tour available. The city has several breweries and associated pubs. With this tour, you don’t need a designated driver. The tour provides that so you can taste the various craft beers available in the city.

St Augustine florida

For those who like wine and/or chocolate, those tastes are also catered to. The San Sebastian winery has a tasting room in the city. The Carrera Cellars offers wine tasting while you shop and Bog Brewery offers both wine and beer.

Chocoholics and those related to them will find Whetstone Chocolates a delight to the senses. There is also an “old time” candy shop called Carnival Sweets. If you don’t find what you’d like at Whetstone, that store is sure to please.

Guided land tours are also available. One of the more popular ones is the Afterlife Tour, which takes visitors on a tour of the paranormal side of the old city. Considering that the city was founded in 1565, there are a lot of places where the tour could go.

An interactive walking tour is in the Colonial Quarter. Here you can see how the people used to live in those older times. Activities are available to help you enjoy your visit.

Just recently Fort Mose was designated a UNESCO site. This was part of the route that slaves took from South Carolina to escape. From the history site: “Florida’s Spanish Gov. Manuel Montiano established Fort Mose in 1738, according to the Fort Mose Historical Society.

Slaves who fled to St. Augustine were allowed to stay as free people if they became Catholic and pledged allegiance to the King of Spain. While Fort Mose was a free settlement, the Spanish used it as a means of protecting the city from British invasion, according to the National Park Service.”

St Augustine florida

Families will enjoy some other things to do in the city. Adventure Landing and Anastasia Miniature Golf provide fun for all ages. Older children might enjoy Anastasia Lanes Bowling, the Potter Wax Museum and doing some Geotripping.

No matter what you’re looking for in a vacation, St. Augustine probably has it. It’s a warm place for snowbirds, an interesting vacation location and offers both eco-tourism and regular tourist activities.



St Augustine florida

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