Stoclet House

Stoclet House, Belgium



Stoclet House was  wanted by banker  named: Adolphe Stoclet, – 1905 to 1911. He hired a great Austrian architect Josef Hoffmann who was give wide  rein over the design, The work of Stoclet palace is considered a masterpiece. And it encompasses many art movements


As a  matter of fact, many great artists started decorating the Palace in the mid 20th century to enhance its beauty.  the works  of Koloman Moser and Gustav Klimt are there for all to see.

Stoclet house

History of Stoclet House


Adolphe Stoclet (1871-1949) belongs to the banker family. He starts his engineer work from the railway and marries art critic Arthus Stevens, Suzanne Stevens. Stoclet was an art lover and collector.

He works in the Austria railway and becomes fascinated by the Vienna Secession movement due to its avant-garde works. Josef Hoffmann conducted his first meeting with the instructors to start working. Then his great career begins with the great idea towards innovation.


After his father died in Belgium, Stoclet wanted to build his family’s residency in Brussels with his colleagues. The group of outstanding artists and architects come together at a point


Visitors who love to explore new art pieces in the world then Stoclet Palace become an exciting thing. Its history is admired by the heart working artist. Here I will discuss its timings, visitors attractions, and specification guide to have an essential guide before planning your visit.


Times to go:


The Stoclet family still owns the Palace and live there, so the visitors are not allowed to enter. But you can visit it from the outside, so you can admire its structural beauty. If they let the visitors enter, then it becomes difficult for the family to be there, and they need privacy.


Green For Sculptures, Red For Visitors


Stoclet Palace has a decoration with bronze marble and artwork. This sculpture turns green due to an oxidation factor or the natural aging process. Now, this metal has a thin layer of Patina as a cover.

The Stoclet Palace has the complete burden of their family and an attraction piece for the visitors. Some of their family wanted to sell this heritage, so they filed a case against each other. In 2011, the court wished to save this villa as art according to its intent.

Moreover, time is powerful, which changes the color of sculptures and also changes the owner’s mind. People still dive into the beauty of early 20th-century architecture.



The Stoclet palace specification was entirely functional to add art collection and residence in place. Here are some specifications that admire the visitors and provide a great piece of entertainment for the people.

  • Stoclet permits musicians and artists to give private concerts for the family.
  • It offers distinguished guests and welcomes them.
  • Hoffmann and other artists provide freehand for the visitors.
  • They also conduct numerous meetings with Stoclet, who want to construct the residence and accomplish their artwork. He works with them in extraordinary ways, as aesthetically and intellectually.

Stoclet is part of the UNESCO  Wold Heritage sites


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