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Superman is the hero we all love and appreciate. It’s the hero that stands for justice, humanity and truly doing what’s right all the time. He is a hero that we always focus on bringing in front of a sign of respect, appreciation and true commitment to actively doing what is right. The interesting thing is that Superman is said to originate from Ohio in fact, that’s where one of the writers who co-created the comic book lived there.

His name was Jerry Siegel, and a lot of comic book fans appreciate the unique connection and the outstanding ideas brought to the table here. It really is something amazing and distinct, and the fact that both co-creators of Superman were sons of Jewish immigrants is even more impressive. They met at the Grenville High School during the 30s, and they became friends pretty fast. They were very shy, and they had a great interest in science fiction and adventure.

An interesting thing is that while Siegel penned stories, Shuster was doing the illustrations. So, it was definitely something impressive for them, and it did bring in front some fascinating ideas. With that being said, after high school they were both focused on pursuing a career in comics. They started working on their first Superman prototype in 1933, and it was a short story named the Reign of the Superman. They had a bald villain coming with some telepathic powers. When it came to Superman, right from the start they decided for him to be a hero that would fight crime and use his super strength for good.

Even though this sounded like a great idea, they had a very hard time selling it to comic companies. Eventually, they were hired by Detective Comics which transformed into what we know as DC Comics right now. Superman got to debut in Action Comics number 1 in 1938. So, it took a few years until he actually got the exposure that he deserved. Eventually, Superman got a newspaper comic strip and in 1939 he already had its own comic book.

As you can imagine, with time Superman started to become more and more popular. People started to consider Cleveland the birthplace of Superman, since the creators were from there. Aside from that, in Kamm’s Plaza on the western side of Cleveland, you have a comic bookshop which gives a free souvenir map where you can see where exactly there are located some of the coolest souvenirs related to Superman.

Yes, Superman is heavily connected to Cleveland, and that’s because its creators are from there. The truth is that this larger than life character started off in a small home in Cleveland. And then it just continued to grow, to the point where more and more people started enjoying him and his adventure. Now we have tent pole movies, cinematic universes regarding this character. It’s all thanks to the influence that this remarkable character had over the years and how much that represents these days! And you can see all these and more at the:

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