Sydney Australia Almost Ready for Vaxxed Tourists.

  Sydney is  known worldwide as one of the most beautiful and friendly cities in the world with the iconic Sydney Opera House on the harbor, A beautiful coastline, and the many great places to stay. The famous capital of New South Wales should be on your bucket list.   BUT be aware you will need three shots before y0u go visit The countries borders as set to open:

 February 21 Most people/ foreigners can enter.

Sydney   If money is on your mind, then know they have motels you can seek out and they are affordable. The Y has options as well and you can find only women or only men versions.   Located right in the heart of the of Sydney ís the Central Business District. The Y on the Park is within walking distance of some of Sydney’s best restaurants, cafe’s, shopping, nightlife and attractions, including Hyde Park which houses the Hyde Park Barracks Museum.  Designed by colonial architect Francis Greenway, the Barracks building was the main housing for male convicts in New South Wales until it closed in 1848.  There is a bit of history for readers of this blog. Sydney Don’t miss the famous Oxford Street, it is within walking distance of the Y. This area is home to specialty antique, fashion, book, and gift shops, including the Paddington Market Bazaar on Saturdays, with stalls selling gourmet foods, hand crafted gift and decorative items, trendy clothing, native plants, flowers, and more.  The Market also features live entertainment and food stalls with a wide variety of fabulous choices. Note, the area around Taylor Square is the main entertainment region for Sydney’s gay and lesbian crowd.  If you are anti-gay, you might want to stay away. But keep an open mind and you will have fun in this area.   Also within walking distance to Oxford Streets  famous pubs, restaurants, and nightlife,.  Many of the restaurants in the area are ethnic and include Italian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and several Mediterranean cuisines.  If you want to find out what the locals enjoy, you can find some of their favorite pubs near the residential area of Paddington, just off Oxford, and East of Paddington town is one of the best places to look for daytime cafes and pub restaurants. Sydney On the other hand, if you’re looking for entertainment after your lunch or supper, check out the Fox Studios or the Australian Centre for Photography.  Exciting sporting events and tours can be had at the Sydney Cricket Ground and the Aussie Stadium, and Paddington’s two cinemas often offer foreign or independent films.    

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