Tai Tung Restaurant Chinatown, Seattle WA

After  visiting Wing Luke Museum In Chinatown we went down the block to where Bruce Lee used to go to have a meal.


This is Tai Tun Chop Suey Restaurant, it  is one of the oldest restaurants in Chinatown, Seattle WA. Address:

655 South King Street Seattle, WA 98104

They call themselves : Bruce Lee’s favorite restaurant. On their walls are photographs of Bruce Lee on the walls. If you want you can sit in the same area where he sat.

The front of the restaurant has photos too of the famous people who came by. There are signed photographs on almost every wall.







We were seated near the back in a booth. Our server came by and gave us water in goblets. We placed our orders. Our food arrived quickly. And we saw the food was fresh.




We ordered shrimp fried rice and curry chicken. Furthermore, we were pleasantly surprised to get egg drop soup with our meal and of course hot tea. All delicious!  The portion sizes were good, the food flavorful. You should go. Not just a tourist res truant .

Egg Drop Soup and Hot Tea

Curry Chicken

Shrimp Fried Rice

When we were ready to leave we asked if we could take more photos, and we did, look in the corner there is graveside cordoned off with flowers. And the wall has photos of him from his movies.



After this went to the graveside.

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