Temples of Hampi New Delhi, India

In India, we know a place that is worthy for sightseeing. We speak Temples of Hampi in New Delhi.

If you want to marvel at different places, we encourage you to enjoy a report that deals with the Temples of Hampi.

Are you going to see India? Do not stop enjoying the Temples of Hampi, we tell you its wonders in this article.

New Delhi has many places that you must visit, one of them is the Temples of Hampi, which is recommended if we are in New Delhi and you want to know it

A Unique Area

In the northern Indian city of Hospet are the Temples of Hampi, a temple declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since one thousand nine hundred and eighty-six. The temples are located in a valley of the Tungabhadra river and occupy an area of ​​approximately 26 square kilometers. The number of tempos that can be counted in the center of the city of Hampi reaches a number greater than 350. You can also see other constructions such as fortifications, palaces, gardens, statues, markets, and an astonishing irrigation system.

If You Go Check Out These Nearby Areas

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Some Hotels to Choose

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Travel Insurance

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