The 10 Best Indie Bookstores in Seattle

The ten best indie bookstores in Seattle


There is no limit to the fun you can have and the books you can discover at some of the top independent bookshops in the country, making them the beating hearts of every city. A cursory online search will reveal the abundance of local bookshops, and more research will reveal that they are all excellent.

Secret Garden Books
Ballard’s Secret Garden, a bookstore on Market Street, sells books for all ages and tastes. The name of this bookstore comes from a children’s book published in 1911. Therefore it’s no surprise that they focus on literature for young readers.

Elliott Bay Book Company
This is, without a doubt, Seattle’s most frequented bookstore. We can’t get enough of Elliot Bay Book Company’s spacious interior, massive book selection, and welcoming ambiance. The vast selection of books by writers who would be appearing at forthcoming events was one of our favorite aspects of this shop. What’s more, they host a wide variety of activities. Location: Cafe You’ll find an open and friendly atmosphere in the store’s rear room. The store has a wide variety of magazines to choose from. One hundred and fifty thousand books, periodicals, and zines line the cedar shelves at Elliott Bay, among greeting cards and other gift items made by local artisans. Tired of everything? Find your next good novel for sleep with the help of knowledgeable staff at your local bookshop. The bookstore also offers monthly book discussion groups where customers may participate in online discussions with other customers and the featured author.


The 10 Best Indie Bookstores in Seattle

Arundel Books
This bookstore is on First Avenue in Pioneer Square. If you are looking for historical books, then look no further; you are bound to find what you are looking for.


The 10 Best Indie Bookstores in Seattle

At Ada’s Cafe & Technical Books,
Ada’s, founded after the 19th-century mathematician who is sometimes recognized as being the first computer engineer, has the air of a Seattle eccentricity, what with its combination of a tech nerd bookshop and a vegetarian café.

Twice Sold Tales (Capitol Hill)
If you’re looking for a rare volume or even a cheap secondhand copy on Capitol Hill, or if you just want to meet one of the store cats, you should visit the shop’s beautiful maze of a used book room. This business, like many others like it, features a rotating selection of old books and also sells its wares online. One of the bookstore’s resident cats could be lazing on a shelf as you browse. The entire inventory of Twice Sold Tales is pre-owned and obtained from various sources, including previous buyers. Plays, poetry, literature, science fiction, horror, horticulture, children’s books, and rare collector copies are just a few of the genres you may peruse.

The 10 Best Indie Bookstores in Seattle
Left Bank Books
Left Bank Books is Seattle’s most popular bookshop, and with good reason: it’s located in the heart of the action at Pike Place Market. When you consider the number of visitors and buskers competing for attention in the surrounding neighborhood, you may heave a sigh of relief as you approach this quiet restaurant. Posters and literary signs adorn the walls, and a great reading corner with a view of the street can be found at the top of the stairs.

Books on Horizon
A Capitol Hill institution for over 50 years, the born-again (and again) bookshop on 10th has been underground since 2008. Horizon proves that print is far from extinct, but it is hidden down a staircase in an unlikely location between a tattoo shop and a yoga class.

Estelita’s Library
In 2018, Black and Brown people in Seattle opened up their first and only bookshop. However, in January, it will open its doors at a new location in the Central District, quite a distance from its former Beacon Hill home. During regular hours, it serves as a bookshop and library dedicated to social justice causes. A virtual bookshop is still a viable option for customers.

Third Place Books (Ravenna Location)
There are perhaps a dozen tables available in the patio area. There is a tavern underneath the café, a separate space for working and reading, and a cafe serving Mediterranean cuisine. It’s a bookshop with every feature you could desire.
In addition, they often arrange literary luncheons when well-known writers are discussed over a light meal in the middle of the workday. Your ticket to lunch with your favorite author includes not just a hardback copy of their latest work but also a fantastic chance to chat with them.

The 10 Best Indie Bookstores in Seattle
Books by a Couth Buzzard
Couth Buzzard Books, a bookstore and café (now closed) with a large enough collection to keep you occupied but a modest enough size to seem homey, is a good spot to idle away an afternoon when the weather is more excellent.
Library of Madison, Wisconsin

There is a new bookshop in Seattle, a sister to Phinney Books, on a quiet street surrounded by trees not far from Madison Park Beach. A nook is a necessary component of every bookshop, but in Madison, the full selection of new releases is housed in an area no larger than a nook.

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