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Here are Some of The Scariest Places in Europe

Who doesn’t like to be scared from time to time? Well, now you can combine a getaway and a bit of good terror with our list of the spookiest destinations in Europe. By the way, they are not reserved solely for Halloween.


Here are Some of The Scariest Places in Europe

With its spooky Victorian cemeteries and haunted pubs like The Ten Bells, the British capital has earned the top spot on our list.

Make the tour of Jack the Ripper or visit the London Dungeon to revive the city’s bloody past. If you are a fan of the gloomy, do not miss the Great Museum of Zoology, where more than 68,000 preserved specimens and a macabre collection of brains await you.


Here are Some of The Scariest Places in Europe

Bucharest is the perfect destination for fans of the vampires you have read of or heard of or seen – in the movie.  Since very close to the Romanian capital is the region of Transylvania, where the castle of the infamous Vlad the Impaler stands majestically.

Vlad’s atrocities inspired Bram Stoker to create his immortal Dracula, and the castle has become one of the country’s top tourist attractions.

In addition, in Bucharest, you can visit the Cismigiu Hotel, where the haunted ghost of a young woman who died within its walls resides. The Palace of Parliament is also frequently visited by another ghost who begs visitors for help.


Here are Some of The Scariest Places in Europe

As you may already know, Dracula, the most famous vampire of all time, was created by the Dubliner Bram Stoker. The Irish capital organizes an annual four-day festival in October that pays tribute to the novelist and during which terrifying experiences can be lived.

Even if you don’t plan on traveling to the city in October, you can celebrate Dracula’s legacy by visiting his castle in Clontarf, the writer’s hometown.

Another place that you should not miss is the Hellfire Club, on the Montpellier hill, a former hunting lodge where, according to what they say, an old elite sect met that carried out satanic rites and acts of debauchery.


Here are Some of The Scariest Places in Europe

The Italian capital has a close relationship with the world beyond the grave, as evidenced by the thousands of statues dedicated to the dead that are scattered throughout the city.

In the Basilica of Saint Peter, you can admire the so-called doors of death, which represent the deaths of Jesus, Mary, and Saint Peter. Many Catholics refuse to go through them, as it is believed that doing so is a guarantee of bad luck.

In addition, many visitors claim to have seen the spirit of the philosopher and astronomer Giordano Bruno, accused of heresy and executed by the Roman Inquisition, wandering around Campo de ‘Fiori square. Today his gloomy statue, dressed in a cape, presides over the square as a reminder of that horror.


Here are Some of The Scariest Places in Europe

Madrid is an essential destination for lovers of the supernatural. The Ministry of Finance was used as a prison during the Civil War, and many of those who died during the conflict were buried there. Some guards claim to have heard strange voices and knocks on windows and doors while on duty.

If you are into the paranormal, you cannot miss the Palacio de Linares, where, according to legend, lives the ghost of the murdered daughter of its former owners. In the Reina Sofía Museum, one of the most famous art galleries in the country, the spirits of deceased patients also reside within its walls during its past as a hospital.


Here are Some of The Scariest Places in Europe

Edinburgh is, without a doubt, one of the most disturbing cities in Europe and a must-see destination for horror fans, with its haunted theaters, crypts, and passageways capable of freezing the blood of even the most painted.

The most terrifying place you can visit in the Scottish capital is the Greyfriars Kirkyard Cemetery, one of the first concentration camps in history, where many Covenanters (members of a Presbyterian religious movement) were executed. George Mackenzie was one of those responsible for the persecution, and his grave is surrounded by a halo of mystery and paranormal events.


Here are Some of The Scariest Places in Europe

Corinaldo is a picturesque Italian town that falls in love with its beautiful landscapes and exuberant nature. However, not everything is idyllic in this place, since its inhabitants are descendants of a long line of witches they continue to worship today.

If you visit the town during Halloween, you can participate in its spooky Witch Festival and catch the frenzy of the celebrations.


Here are Some of The Scariest Places in Europe

The film Hidden in Bruges portrays this Belgian city as a fairy tale destination, but it seems more like a nightmare place if we stick to the ghost stories that circulate over it.

Many fans of the supernatural travel to Belgium to explore IM’s cooling tower and Château Miranda, two of the most terrifying abandoned buildings in the country.

In addition, the city is the scene of a spooky legend. In the river, Reie lived a monk and a nun, with whom he was in love. He murdered her and hid her body in a secret tunnel. Today, the ghosts of both roam the streets of Bruges and are dedicated to tormenting its inhabitants, then disappear at midnight.


Here are Some of The Scariest Places in Europe

Although it is known as the city of love, Paris is also a destination highly regarded by fans of the paranormal. The chilling Museum of the Vampires, for example, houses a collection of protective objects against bloodsuckers and mummified cats.

If you like scares, you shouldn’t miss Le Manoir de Paris museum and haunted house either. By the way, let’s hope you don’t run into the Red Man on the Parisian streets, a former hitman hired by royalty, whose appearance, according to legend, heralds death.


Here are Some of The Scariest Places in Europe

Berlin, another European capital full of haunted buildings, is nestled in a labyrinth of sinister underground tunnels with endless stories to tell.

In Klosterstraße is a former Franciscan Gothic monastery where the ghost of Roderich resides, a bloody friar who murdered his son.

Through the halls of the Berlin Citadel, the ghost of Anna Sydow, imprisoned by her lover’s son, continues to wander searching for a way out.


scariest places in europe

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