The 5 Most Beautiful Cities in Morocco.

Do you only know Morocco as a country with sun and sand? Then let yourself be surprised! We take you to the 5 most beautiful cities in Morocco!

1) Casablanca

Morocco has several beautiful seaside cities, but Casablanca is the largest and most culturally influential. This port city forms the country’s cosmopolitan center and can be seen in the same breath as major southern European cities such as Barcelona, Rome, or Istanbul. The city is not only ideal for shopping, the cult film “Casablanca,” named after it, with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, still attracts tourists and film fans. Particularly impressive and the main attraction of the city is the Hassan II Mosque, built in the 1990s. With a minaret of 200 m height, it is currently the tallest religious building globally and can also be visited by non-Muslims. This landmark alone is the city’s top tip and definitely worth a visit.

2) Agadir 

Agadir is the city ​​for a real beach vacation. Beach, sun, and warm temperatures all year round – here you can indulge yourself in one of the countless resorts. Wellness oases are lined up with all-inclusive hotels, restaurants, and bars offer the traveler everything the heart desires. The “Souk Al Ahad” bazaar is definitely worth a visit, because bargain hunters can get hold of real price hits there! So if you still need a souvenir for your relatives at home, head to the “souk.” For night owls, Agadir offers an impressive night life. Bars and nightclubs celebrate until the early hours of the morning that the bars bend.

3) Marrakech

Marrakech is an absolute top tip for people looking for Morocco’s oriental flair and who want to discover a place like a thousand and one nights. Full of bright colors, mosaics, and traditional markets, you won’t get bored here. Between snake charmers, delicacies with mysterious ingredients, and strange sounds, you can forget the time and adapt to the traditional rhythm. Although many tourists now come to Marrakech, the city is still one of Morocco’s most beautiful cities. Marrakech offers those who would like to go on excursions to the mountains or the sea, which is the perfect starting point. Trips to Essaouira, desert safaris in the mountains, or to the famous Ouzoud Falls can be organized quickly and easily from Marrakech.

4) Rabat

Did you know that Rabat Is Morocco’s capital? This is where the country’s king resides, and important political decisions are made; and that against a romantic backdrop, because this city has more to offer than meets the eye. Hardly a tourist gets lost here, because the typical sights are elsewhere. But Rabat has its very own charm with landmarks like the Hassan Tower and the old high city wall. This city is tidy and, at the same time, full of an interesting past – pirates and other sinister figures were up here in the 17th century. You can still see traces of this in the historic old town around the citadel “Kasbah.” Also, the place is architecturally world-famous for its Islamic architecture.

5) Fes Sais

Anyone who wants to see an  Eastern city from a picture book should visit Fez Sais. This city has been named a World Heritage Site with its old town “Fèz el Bali”; it is also the world’s largest old town – here, even experienced travelers get lost in the winding and branched streets. These also have it all. You can see traders of all kinds of spices, handmade jewelry, carpets, clothes, and everything you can imagine in an oriental royal city. But be careful! There is really a risk of getting lost. So that you can find your way out of the labyrinth, many of the friendly helpers will help you as spontaneous tour guides for a small fee.

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