The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World.

Knowing exotic places, tasting new gastronomy, and exploring different cultures are just some of the privileges you can have during a trip. Just as there are foods for all tastes and cultures of all kinds, there are also establishments around the world located in unusual locations, ranging from romantic places in the mountains to the most terrifying, close to the abyss, volcanoes, and even cemeteries.


Thinking about very exotic experiences, we have prepared a sensational list of bizarre restaurants you need to know.


El Diablo (Canary Islands, Spain)

The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World.

In Lanzarote, the El Diablo restaurant may seem scary at first due to its name, but what really impresses is the way the food on its menu is prepared. Situated on one of the most charming islands in Spain, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, this restaurant uses the volcano crater’s heat to simply bake its main dishes. The best of all is that in addition to being able to taste the delicacies, customers see the whole process up close until they leave the barbecue at the point of taking it to the tables.

The Rock Restaurant (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World.

Tanzania’s beaches are extremely famous for their natural beauty, especially that of Michanwi Pingwe, which in addition to having a paradisaical setting, houses on its sea coast a restaurant that was built on top of a stone. Despite having a different foundation from many others and being located on an exotic island. The Rock Restaurante leaves nothing to be desired in the taste of its meals, having seafood as its specialty.

If the tide is full at the time the traveler’s table is booked, the restaurant offers boat service to welcome guests in style and provide the best experience for customers. This restaurant’s simple and attractive architecture makes it unique and ideal for people who want to indulge in Zanzibar cuisine and enjoy a beautiful view of the sea.

New Lucky Restaurant (Ahmedabad, India)

The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World.

What was supposed to be a simple tea house next to a cemetery, for reasons of space, has become a restaurant that has adhered to the coffins as the main decoration of its enclosure and even attractive to customers. In Ahmedabad, India, the New Lucky is one of the most visited rooms in the area, it really has graves of dead Muslim people next to their desks, most painted in green to attract “New Fortune” to the owners and visitors. Uhhh.

Waterfalls (San Pablo, Philippines)

The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World.

When it comes to relaxing for many people, the perfect place is a beautiful waterfall, so why not indulge yourself in the waters of one and at the same time taste fascinating dishes? In a Resort in the Philippines, this dream is more than possible to come true, as the tables of the Waterfalls’ restaurant are located near a beautiful waterfall.

Ithaa Undersea (Maldives Islands)

The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World.

The Maldives Islands are among the best destinations to live unique moments, such as, to enjoy delicious meals in a totally submerged restaurant, close to several marine species, from corals to sharks. The Ithaa Undersea is five meters below the waters of the Indian Ocean, one of the most beautiful and exotic restaurants in the world. Thanks to the transparent acrylic ceiling, its extremely secure structure functions as an aquarium, allowing customers an incredible panoramic view of the maritime beauty of one of the most fantastic islands in the world.

Video credits: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Naha Harbor Diner (Japan)

The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World.

This could be an ordinary restaurant that serves organic foods on its Asian menu. However, the structure of this is quite unusual, as it is located in the canopy of an artificial tree. In the busy city of Okinawa, Japan, a businessman decided to build a concrete tree and set up the restaurant on top of it, with the stem filled by an elevator and beside the structure a spiral staircase. In addition to good cuisine, the Naha Harbor Diner offers a 360 ° view of the entire city, rescuing a little of nature in the midst of chaos.

Le Panoramic (France)

The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World.

As its name suggests, the Le Panoramic offers a panoramic view, indescribable in the mountains of Chamonix, a charming commune. This majestic restaurant offers the best of regional cuisine, being located over two thousand meters high, on the summit of Brevent. No matter what the season, the terrace’s stunning view is an attraction to be explored, providing a unique and inexplicable feeling.


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