The ABC Islands in the Caribbean – Bonaire



You don’t have to worry about finding a certain time to visit Bonaire. The weather conditions are great, you have an 80F temperature and 20 inches of rain at most. September is the hottest month here, but the weather as a whole is great the entire year. Most visitors come here from the middle of December and up to the middle of April.

Getting around

Bonaire is home to 20000 people, so there’s no real need for bus systems or local transportation. If you visit this town, you can rent a car, golf cart or a scooter.

Where to stay in Bonaire?

This is a shore dive site that brings in many visitors. Not everyone knows this destination very well. Thankfully, that means you have a variety of accommodation options that are less crowded. You can go to a luxury resort, or you can stick to simple beds. Many choose Kralendijk because it’s the capital.

Local foods

The most popular foods in Bonaire are:


  • Tutu- cornmeal with black eyed peas
  • Krioyo Sauce- a creole sauce
  • Funchi (Cornmeal Mush)
  • Kesío (Caramel Custard)
  • Balchi di Piska (Fish Cakes)


People from all over the world visit Bonaire because this is a great scuba diving destination. But they are also very popular because they have many flamingos. This is one of the few breeding sites for Flamingos in the region. You can see them, but due to safety concerns you can’t pet them.

Bonaire has not any specific time to visit. The weather condition is expected in Bonaire as it has an 80 F 27 C daily temperature with only 20 inches of rain. September is the hottest month of Bonaire that has 80 F 30 C temperatures.  From the travel board it seems most visitors go to  Bonaire during mid-December to mid-April.



Getting around  in Bonaire


Bonaire didn’t have any public transport like busses. It is the home of only 20000 people, so they didn’t need local transportation or bus systems. As a visitor you  have a choice of renting a car – the major ones are there. Or you can rent a motorcycle scooter or even a golf cart.


Where to stay in Bonaire?



Bonaire is a shore dive site that attract many visitors. Moreover, it is not known by its live aboard destination. As for budget, the choice in  accommodation style that ranges from simple beds to breakfast on a luxury resort. Many visitors prefer to stay near the Kralendijk capital of Bonaire.


Local foods

Bonaire’s food are

Balchi di Piska (Fish Cakes)
Funchi (Cornmeal Mush)
Kesío (Caramel Custard)
Krioyo Sauce- a creole sauce
Tutu- cornmeal with black eyed peas





Bonaire is famous because it is a scuba diving destination. But there is something else they are famous for – Flamingos.

This is where the only breeding site in the Caribbean. You can go to view them, but you cannot pet them or be too near.



There are a variety of islands you can visit, and those with great vistas and amazing climate get all the attention. The ABC islands in the Caribbean, mainly Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are incredibly impressive and amazing at the same time. They have great touristic attractions, with diving and shipwrecks being the most interesting ones.

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