The ABC Islands in the Caribbean -Curaçao

There are many islands on this planet of ours. Of course the warmer ones get all the press. But did you know about the ABC Islands of the Caribbean Aruba Bonaire and Curaçao Curaçao  is part of the Netherlands Antilles the Island country is in the Southern Caribbean Sea.  It has a great tourist attraction that attracts visitors from the whole world – Diving and Shipwrecks


And Yes Curaçao the drink is made here the orange – Laraha is unique to this island.  

The ABC Islands in the Caribbean -Curaçao

Since there’s no set season for tourists, you can visit it whenever you want. There’s plenty of nightlife, not to mention you can visit clubs, bars and festivals. Moreover, you have Pietermaai, a trendy area where you can find great places to drink and eat.

Upon visiting Curacao, you can find many great houses. It’s interesting to see that during the 1800s, you had the governor of Curacao migrating from regular to white paint reflection. These houses look spectacular, and they can be seen from afar. Nowadays, this tradition has faded away, since the focus is on using bright colors and bringing a more impressive look to the island.

Trendy food city


 You can find great foods in Curacao. For example, there are food trucks that serve a variety of foods. People here love meat with peanut sauce and fries. You can also try out the seafood served in tapas servings. A good option is the Arepa di Pampuna that’s basically pumpkin pancake. It’s very healthy, a pleasure to try out, and many find it one of the top local foods.


Great for Divers


 Curaçao has many shipwrecks in the surrounding oceans. Manycuracaocuracao people come to dive or for snorkeling too. You can always find all kinds of locations for diving, so try to take that into consideration. The tugboat shipwreck and its dive site are just a few meters below the sea level, so it’s a good idea to check that out. You can also do wall dives, check the cliff face underwater and so on. There are other dive sites in Curaçao like the Blue Room, Mushroom Forest, Hell’s Corner and so on.

You will like the fact that getting to Curaçao via flights or even doing a road trip is not that expensive. You can also use USD in Curaçao, and the exchange rates are pretty good.

The ABC Islands in the Caribbean -CuraçaoThe hotel can run about $370 per night  taxis $20.00  Food is more expensive in sit down restaurant than in the food trucks around the island.  So, plan accordingly for your  budget.





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